Who does not love detective films? Detectives are the best heroes that one could be. They have courage, brains and patience.
Bengali literature and also Bengali films welcome detectives with open hands. Not only a detective story makes a good movie, it also gives food to the mind.

Let us see some of the olden and golden detective films in Bengali.


detective films old

Directed by Premendra Mitra, the famous writer. Released in 1952, it was probably the first detective film of Bengali cinema. Based on a story of his own, Premendra Mitra had mesmerized the spectators of the day.

The story is based on an old and mysterious house. The residents come to face with an ugly monster that starts to haunt the house. They are so terrified that they want to leave the place. Lastly, the detective who was working undercover unveils the truth.

Feluda’s Sonar Kella & Joy Baba Felunath

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Soumitra Chattopadhya has left an indelible mark in our heart as Feluda. Top it with Ray’s direction, films of such high calibre will never be made again. Especially relevant is whenever we see a Feluda sketch. Our mind naturally feels inclined to believe that it is Sonar Kella’s Soumitra itself. We have watched both these films so many times that we have lost count of it.


detective films bengali

Sharadindu Bandopadhyay’s Byomkesh was to come alive on screen. Who would be better than Uttam Kumar?
It was directed by Ray and released in 1967. Interestingly, while it was highly acclaimed, many film goers were also not satisfied as the plot was too complicated. It had to be – it was Sharadindu Bandopadhyay’s one of the best tales! It was one of the most complicated cases for Byomkesh Bakshi. Perhaps we need to see it multiple times to understand the masterful plot.

Shajarur Kanta

The second Byomkesh film, Sajarur Kanta was released in 1974. This film was directed by veteran actress Manju Dey (if you have seen Kabuliwala, she was the girl’s mother).

Saradindu’s stry Shajarur Kanta is a popular choice in films. It is because it’s plot revolves around drama, along with the detective story. This trend was seen in many of Byomkesh’s later stories. However, it is still a very thrilling detective story with Shyamal Ghoshal as Byomkesh Bakshi.

Sabuj Dwiper Raja

detective films old

The first Kakababu in Bengali cinema. It was directed by Tapan Sinha to target mainly the junior spectators. Samit Bhanja played as the detective in this Sunil Gangopadhay story.

Bhanu Goyenda Jahar Assistant

detective films bengali old

In the world of Holmes and Dr Watson or Byomkesh and Ajit, Bhanu and Johor also exist! The list of old Bengali detective films will remain incomplete without Bhanu Goyenda Johor Assistant.

Ingenious Bhanu is the complacent detective with inimitable Jahar as his assistant. Dr. Digambar’s daughter Nupur is missing and the duo is given the task to find her out. How can a case remain unsolved in the presence of these geniuses?

For the story, for the acting or for a good movie, we can watch it again and again.

Image sources: alchetron.com