One of the easiest and innovative ways to enliven your house is to introduce an aquarium. How wonderful it is to bring the ocean in a box!

The most common way to keep an aquarium is to place it on a table top. But that is very common. With a little imagination and innovation, there are ways to make the good manifold better. Hundreds of people have innovated their aquariums so well that you will be amazed.

Here are some wonderful ideas, maybe you can apply these to your own house. Which one do you think is the best?

house table

This is a very smart idea. Your aquarium will also double as your center or coffee table. This is a great idea for those who are short of space. Make it square or rectangular or circular as it suits you.

Another version is to make it bigger and turn it into a remarkable dining table.

house desktop

This is a USB Desktop Aquarium. This is for those who really want an aquarium but are short on space or budget. Available at around 40 USD, this is a handy aquarium option for keeping the smaller fish. It holds around 1.5 litre of water and it comes with an overhead LED light which is adjustable, USB power connector, decorative rocks and a low voltage pump. It comes along with many other fancy features to fit comfortably on top of your desk.

house millionaire

If you are open in budget and space, perhaps this is an option for you. Classy and elegant, you will definitely impress your guests. Something like this uplifts the whole atmosphere of the house.

house bedroom

If you really want to live like a millionaire, then this is definitely for you. Let the soft motions of the  fishes lull you to your sleep.

When you open your eyes, the first thing you see in the morning is the beautiful fishes in beautiful colours. Now that’s called living.

house aquarium india

If you can manage a hanging aquarium, nothing better than that. It will save you space as well as give your house a modern and contemporary look. If you have kids or pets in your home, it is also the safest option.

house mounted aquarium india

How about a live ocean instead of a two dimensional picture? A wall mounted aquarium is perhaps a favourite one among the connoisseurs.

house outdoor aquarium india

An outdoor aquarium looks great in the verandah or patio. It adds an extra appeal to the space.

Some Indian aquarium lovers have also experimented with it. They keep the local fish like the catfish or the smaller ones which are sold live in the bazaar. However do not mix too many fishes together for the outdoor aquarium. Keep it simple.

house partition india

Aquariums are very attractive room dividers. Not only that, you also get drawer and space storage. You can design the upper part of the divider as a book case or as a crockery showcase.

Starting an aquarium? Some basic tips

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