If gardening is your art then a beautiful planter is what you need. Planters are more than just a pot or a growing bag. It aesthetically enhances your garden. A beautiful planter will add to the wow factor.

Before buying any planter, we need to watch out for some features. Is there proper drainage? Will it hold in your balcony or railings? Will it rust or tear?

To make your job easy, we have listed top quality planters with good reviews. These are gorgeous and sturdy and are perfect complements to your blooms.

Good quality planters for wall hanging, indoor, outdoor and balcony

#1 Unbreakable Hanging Planters

Let us start with a set of good quality hanging pots. Most hanging pots that we find in the market are made of low quality metal coated with a layer of paint. Within months as it gets exposed to sunlight and water, it starts to rust and rapidly degrade and become unusable. Do not go for such low quality metal planters.

Instead get these high quality plastic planters. It is strong and comes with a drainage hole. This comes in a set of 5 planters, each planter is perfect for a small to medium sized plant. Use it for petunia, poppy, vinca, dianthus or succulents. Each pot is brightly coloured and adds a dash of colour to your green corner.

These pots can be easily hanged from the balcony or any horizontal railing. This is one of the best hanging pots you can get online.

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#2 Unbreakable Hanging Planters for Indoors

If you are looking for a wall hanging planter or one you could keep indoors, go for these planters. Strong and attractive, these planters are made of PVC. It looks similar if not better than a plastic one.

Most of these planters do not come with a drainage hole so that it can be used as a table top, wall hanging or even for the balcony. Just make sure that you only water your plants when the soil is totally dry. But if you want to punch a hole, it can be done easily.

These planters are fitted to the handle with screws. You can unscrew those easily and use it as a regular pot.

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#3 Rust free Metal Planters 

These good quality metal planters are rust free and will last for years. These hanging pots are one of the best you can get online in the market.

These design is attractive and eye-catching. A hanging pot like this will surely get your garden that chic Continental look you see in the travel magazines.

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#4 Rust free Hanging Pots

These planters come in a set of five. Looks like it is time to upgrade your garden. Toss away some old pots and give your green area a fresh look.

These hanging pots are made of galvanized iron and painted with rust free polish. You can detach the hooks use it like a regular pot. Although made of iron, it is light in weight.

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#5 Fabric Grow Bags 

Need a growing bag that is elegant and eco-friendly? Here it is.

These 10 inch by 10 inch pots come with a lot of space to grow your flowers as well as vegetables. Very sturdy and well stitched, these are excellent quality fabric grow bags. The material will not leak any soil or manure and water drains out like a normal pot.

Beautiful and classy, these fabric pots should be in every balcony or garden.

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#6 International Quality Hanging Planters

Pöppelmann TEKU is a Germany based firm that specializes in best quality planters and pots. Here is a set of 3 hanging pots built of Thermoformed light weight plastic. This is better than regular plastic as it protects the roots of the plants from excess heat and rays. It comes with UV stabilized hangers that will stay intact for years no matter what the weather is.

In short, these hanging pots are one of the best planters you can get online in India. It is classy, sturdy and great for your plants.

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#7 Cute Bee Planters With Metal Stands

Looking for an adorable planter for your balcony or terrace? Try these adorable bee planters with stands. Looks unique and is brightly coloured that will light up your space.

This beautiful pot plus stand is a beautiful addition to a child’s room. If you want to encourage kids to gardening, gift them a pair of these planters.

The pair of bee metal planters are built of premium quality metal with anti rust polish.

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#8 Elephant Ceramic Pot with Money Plant

Ceramic pots and planters look elegant and are ideal for indoors and balcony gardening. A chic way to boost up the positive energy of your home and purify the air is to have a money plant indoors. What better to have in this amazing elephant pot!

This elephant pot comes with the plant, making it a great gift item also.

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#9 Ceramic planter for succulents

This elegant ceramic planter comes with a bamboo tray. Ideal for having a bunch of small pretty succulents.

This ceramic planter is a favourite at office desks and at center-tables. Classy and neat, it is a great home decor.

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#10 Macrame planter/pot hanger

Macrame is a beautiful way of knotting textile to create amazing designs. This macrame planter or pot hanger is the type of accessory that are preferred for high class interior decorations.

This macrame hanger is made of sturdy cotton and could be hung by any hook from ceiling, wall, railing or window. It can be washed and is long lasting. Choose this beautiful eco-friendly hanger to jazz up your home.

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#11 Angel Planter

If you are looking for an indoor planter that will make your guests go wow, here it is. This wonderful praying angel planter is the perfect home decor. It made of polyresin so do not worry about soil or water damaging it.

It is durable so it can also be placed in the lawn, terrace or outdoors. You can also place it on a desk or centre table. It is of course a great piece of gift.

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#12 Eco Friendly Bamboo Planter

Have you ever seen and wished for one of those beautiful bamboo planters? Here it is for you.

This particular bamboo planter is especially suited for indoors. It is made by professionals so that it stays nice and glossy for a long time. You can adjust the length of the string as per your need. The surface is well polished. In short, a beautiful handmade bamboo hanging planter for your home.

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