We love it when our guest bloggers pour their words out to us. Here are a couple of heartfelt love poems by one of our readers.

Love, Too Good To Be True

Love, it lifts the spirits of us from the dark dungeons of time
and brings us to the pinnacle of the happy cliff.

Love and heartbreak poems

 I hope that one day you’ll come to realize,
How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.

The world that I see when I look at you,
Everything seems a dream, vision so good to be true.
My heart fills with an inexplicable pure laughter and  joy,
So many things you do and allow me to enjoy.

Every little thing that you do, makes me smile,
Even in the pain..the agony I find my life so worthwhile.
The bittersweet sugar rush race through my veins,
The glaze in the color of love seems to kiss away all my pain.

The fragrant love like a thousand perfumes gives me wings to soar,
And I know in this world no one could ever love you more.
Yes maybe I am dumb and ugly, lacking pulchritude,
But one thing is for sure, under this emptiness, you filled up my solitude.

So each day to God I pray for sending me an angel so true,
An angel so perfect..an angel that is you.
Right now I follow my heart, it’s all I can do,
Time will only tell if our love is true.

But one day it will pull me to the ground and on my knees I will ask it of you,
If you and I could become one, not two.
“Patience” you always say and patient I will be,
Shutting out the negative voices ever surrounding me.

 It is you who changed me all with your love so pure…and yet
I know this love is not meant to last n one day our sun will set.
I lived awhile and loved awhile in a world that gave me you
You not being mine shall not diminish the love that once I knew.

Deep sorrows I will bear alone and let my tears freeze in time,
Lonely and tearful..Til the river is ocean ..till the death becomes mine..!!


Lost Love

You started seeing  the world through my eyes
You stepped into my world from the other side
In you I had found my beloved,
And I lived my world with you: my Loved!

Each time I had something to share, I wanted to speak it to you
My soul had reason to dance in joy, all because of you
The magical feeling of your love gave my heart a glow,
That many have seen but now you would never know!

Then one day mellifluous song in my heart screeched to a sudden stop
And the love in the hallowed place within my heart exuded a clear drop!!

 You walked into my life and out of it and left my life so still
And created a hole in my heart which now only vacuum can fill
So many times I yearned for you, so many times I cried,
You never wanted me as dearly n my suppressed feelings died!

Now I’m crying life instead of tears
So kiss away my pain, remove all my fears
Still I’d link my heart with yours, if my love could make a chain,
But never would I forget you n fall in love again!

So all I’m left with memories and the feelings which someday were true,
Hurts an’ pains are all I ever got for ever wanting you!

 The night lamps kept burning, the stars kept on twinkling
My heart kept loving you till it saw the crinkling
Why I ever loved you I failed to contemplate,
The nature contrived this web of emotion which I failed to extrapolate!

 Maybe my love for you wasn’t fully shown
And now all the world is left behind, my emptiness and me live all alone!
Guess I may not be good with the word
But let me tell you, my fondness for you every moment conjured

For all the myriad feelings deep inside my heart,
I pray to God above,
For freeing the weight inside of me n tell you,
“How much I’ve fallen in love….!!!!”