In India, and even all over the world, we find it customary to clean up our home before any festival or any auspicious occasion.

But what exactly is the logic behind it? Is it truly important?

Every ancient practice of holistic living, like the Oriental Feng Shui and ancient Indian Vastu, speaks of two things repeatedly – cleanliness and aesthetics. Cleanliness and aesthetics is more important than we actually understand.

Here are some tips from these ancient wisdoms that will help you prepare your home right for the festival and special occasions –

#1 Get rid of clutter

Clutter is something that is always a no-no in every healthy living practice. What is clutter? It can be anything. Old clothes, torn stuff, broken things – anything that has lived its life but you have still kept it.

Why do we keep clutter? First is emotional attachment, ‘Oh that thing was given by so-and so’. Second, fear; we keep thinking that we might need it ‘later’. Third, you do not realize that you are  holding on to clutter.

There can be many more types of clutter with many more excuses. Take emotional and electronic clutter. Emotional clutter stays in your mind, refusing to let you go of the past and make new relationships or have new experiences. Electronic clutter is very common and very ignored, like keeping old emails, files (as electronic and physical) and what not.

Clearing old stuff brings in new things, new air and new energy. The best thing to do is before any special occasion or festival. If your almirah is already full, where will you keep your new clothes?

#2 Clean, clean, clean

As you get rid of useless things in your house, you will also get more space. Clean every place, nook and corner. There is nothing as nice as cleanliness. The easiest way to keep clean is to have lesser stuff. Clean the outside and inside of your house. Your house may be big or small, but cleanliness is what makes a house beautiful.

But cleaning is not only a woman’s job. Unless men participate in this, cleanliness of the house remains incomplete.

Plus one should remember that one’s cleanliness is not only at home, but also around you. If you keep your house clean but dirty the roads, you are playing into wrong thoughts.

If you truly want health, wealth and blessings you should be clean every time, everywhere.

#3 Aesthetics

Most people have no idea about aesthetics. They decorate their house for a festival but have no idea if it looks aesthetically pleasing or not. Decoration should be such that it should be pleasing to the eye. Over-decorating or using strong colours or lights will not bring harmony. Aesthetics does not mean expensive things. It should be simple, clean and beautiful.

The most beautiful way to promote aesthetics is to have natural elements. Use actual flowers than plastic ones. Use bright yet pleasing cloth to decorate any place. Learn to use colour combinations. Leave empty spaces so that the air and people can move – and so can energy.

Use actual flower essence than room fresheners. A deepak or candle enhances the beauty and harmony of the place. Keep it calm, do not blow loud songs. If you play any song, the audio should be low and pleasing to all. The best music to play at an auspicious occasion is classical musical instruments. Instruments like flute usher positivity all around.

#4 Natural light

Natural light not only makes everything fresh and cool, but also brings positive energy. Make sure your house is getting enough natural light and fresh air. If not, focus on a solution. A house with an expensive idol is of not much use if you do not allow the blessings to come inside.

#5 Use salt and camphor

Mix a teaspoon of salt in a bucket of water and wipe the floor. It not only gets rid of insects and bugs, but also cleanses the negativity away. It’s great to make a way for a new start.

Like you burn incense, also burn camphor and take it around the house. Be careful, camphor gets really hot. Burning camphor is again an effective way to cleanse the environment. Take it around all the rooms of the house, terrace or garden to purify the environment.

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