Unbelievable as it may sound, quantum physics do endorse many Vedic theories of space and time. This time they have found more.

Quantum physicists are still at the inception of this discovery but they have definitely found proof of ‘mind affecting matter’. According to renowned scientist Fred Alan Wolf, ‘you cannot have a universe without mind entering into it’.

Just like the Hindu texts, The Bible speaks of God creating the universe. The Big Bang theory only speaks of a facet of the created universe, with numerous questions that remain unanswered.

On the contrary, quantum physics has provided a more consistent and complete explanation of the universe. What makes quantum physics better is that it does not alienate spiritual knowledge, in fact in integrates it.

Ancient Vedic texts tell a lot on the human mind. It says that the analytical aspect of the human mind is a tool to understand our world. Its work is the opposite of integration, to disintegrate the information and find its basic foundations.

Analysis is a tool of the mind, and although we use this often, we do not know how or when to stop it.

Analysis takes on an autopilot mode, and we keep on dividing stuff for study. But it does not stop there. Our mind wants to disintegrate all that we see and meet – even people. At one time it starts taking extreme points. We stereotype people and assume them on our past analysis. If you meet a man who looks like a handsome actor in movies, we tend to warm up towards him but similarly we also hate someone because if someone else whom we dislike looks close enough.

Analysis and stereotype are a great boost to the ego. Once you see your assumptions matching your result – real or perceived – you justify yourself.

The beliefs about stereotyping are the reasons why we insult and compare people. The truth is as soon as we stereotype someone else, we stereotype ourselves.

When we say that a farmer is a person who is so-and-so , you stamp yourself. You think you are not this and so you are not that.

When we stereotype, we pack the person with a layer. The layer exists only in your eyes and you are seeing the person that way. The truth is not closer to you, but it moves farther away.

Science was initially a great tool that was used against orthodox in religion. It was born out of the need to show fair play in society and not believe in outdated rules. Science was meant to show the higher truth. Its aim was to separate the truth from the false in religion and life.

But when science gained pace, some scientists went down an analysis slide. What was meant to cleanse, became an ego drive. Science opposed religion – not to break stereotypes- but to make more of its own.

Science was making the same mistakes as religion – it was going to an extreme. People were blindly following the people in higher positions without thinking for themselves.

See deeply, most of us only understand as much of Bible or Gita as much we understand chemistry or mathematics.

For decades, it had been so. But with the advent of quantum physics, people are now realizing that we are all going after the same truth, just with different languages, different formulas. For the complete truth, we must have integration. We should not reject something based on our beliefs, which would be stereotypical.

Think of music – we have different forms of music from all regions of the world. The instruments can be quite different, but those all meant to create the same thing –the music. Physics, mathematics or spirituality – are all instruments. The truth is our music.

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