Gurer naru is one of the special coconut laddu variations of Bengal. It is one of the most loved prasads in the Kojagori Lakshmi Puja.

Gurer naru needs only two ingredients – grated coconut and gur (jaggery). This naru looks deep brown in colour and is a variation of the white one. Some people prefer the darker one over the whiter in terms of taste. Also consuming sugar sweets may not be healthy for many.

Gurer naru recipe

For many people grating coconut is a hassle. It is time taking and hard on your hands and back. There are a few ways to solve this problem.

Nowadays supermarkets sell frozen grated coconut. You can use that. You just have to thaw it and use it like regular grated coconut.

Gurer naru coconut grate

However the best taste is when you use fresh coconut. If you cannot grate it, take the cocnutout in slices. Scrape off and throw the brown part. Put the white flesh in a mixer and run a little. Your coconut is grated!!

How to make

In a clean kadai pan, put the gur or jaggery. Heat it in medium. The jaggery will start to melt. Remember to do it low or medium heat as it tends to get burnt easily. The burnt smell will interfere into the taste of the sweet.

Gurer naru easy recipe

Use your khunti (ladle) to break the gur so that it melts faster. Wait till the gur melts completely. Then add the grated coconut.

Keeping it in medium to low heat, keep stirring it. If you need more gur – break it and add it to the mixture.

The secret of making gurer naru is to keep stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. You can put the flame on high but you have to be very careful of that.

After stirring for about 15 -20 minutes, it should be ready. It should not be too sticky nor too dry. If it is sticky, you cannot make laddoos and if too dry, it is the same. Best way to check – take a spoonful, let it cool and see if you can mould it to a naru.

Many people prefer to make the laddoos or narus when hot. It is not required at all – if you do not make it too dry, you can make the narus when it cools a bit and is manageable.

Enjoy your gurer narus!

Gurer naru coconut ladoo

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