Malpua is one of the those quick delicious sweets which we can easily make at home. Need a quick dessert for dinner? Guests coming over? Impress all with this easy malpua recipe. By the way, Malpua is also one of the favourite dishes of Lord Jagannath and it is regularly served at the Puri temple.

This easy recipe for malpua uses milk powder. Always keep a packet of milk powder at home, it is very handy.


Let us make the syrup first. Take 1 cup sugar, 1.5 cup water and boil in a wide pan. We will soak the malpua in this pan so it is better if it is wider. You can also add a crushed elaichi (optional). The water will start to boil and the sugar dissolves. Turn it off after bubbling for 2-3 minutes, we need a light syrup.

malpua syrup


Mix 1.5 cup maida (all purpose flour) and 1 cup milk powder. Add 2 tsp ghee and 1 tsp mouri (fennel seeds). Mix with milk or water. It should not be too thick. Make sure there are no lumps; use your fingers if needed. This will make around 10 midsized malpuas.

Heat vegetable oil in a flat bottomed pan. When it is hot, use a round ladle to pour the mixture. Turn the heat to medium, you do not want it to get burnt. Fry for only a few minutes when it starts to turn brownish at the sides. Some people like the malpua very soft while such like it a bit crisp. If you fry it longer in low or medium heat, it will turn crispy.

malpua recipe

Take it out of the oil and dip it in the sugar syrup. After 5 minutes of soaking it is ready to serve. However if you can keep longer, it will get tastier. If you want it tastier, serve with a little condensed milk on top of the malpua. It tastes heavenly!

malpua rabri

Image credits:, Flavia Del Monte