This is especially for our readers who spend hours on HalfSamosa. Here is an extract from ‘You Can Be Your Tree of Money’ by wellness author Jean Lawrence. We will publish this book in parts with due permission from the author.
This is the second part of the series. 

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Chapter 2 – True abundance 

Money is, in a deeper sense, all about energy and frequency. Many are already familiar with this concept. If money is energy and you have to be rich – does that mean you have to get the money frequency? But how can you ‘have’ a frequency?

The truth is you cannot have a frequency. To hold it in you – you have to BE in tune with it. Or you have to become the frequency itself. It also points to deeper ramifications.

Have you ever basked under the sun? Do the sun rays decrease or the sun becomes lesser because you absorbed the sun rays in your body? No. That is the same with money. There’s abundance in the universe and there is more than enough.

Here is another example. A radio can catch different frequencies. But a stone cannot. A car cannot play a station by itself. It needs to have a radio.

But two radios can play the same song but there will be no competition. One radio is not affected if the other radio also catches that tune. Such is the nature of abundance.

If a man has a million dollars, and he sees another who is poor and living in poverty, two things he needs to aware of. Generosity is very important. Sharing is in the core of nature. Flowers do not deny bees their nectar. But it is also true that everyone is responsible for their life. He should not help him out of pity and mercy. That does not mean he should not help at all. Instead of just handing him a few dollars, which will vanish within a few days anyway, he should rather consider this – can I affect his life anyway? Can I provide others the opportunity to pull their lives together – not through begging – but with self respect? It sounds harsh, but there are many who would rather prefer quick cash than taking help to grow themselves. The result is that they are stuck in a vicious circle.

The same happens with all people in some way or the other. Some people are rich in money, others in relationship. But it is possible to be a satisfied person, in all aspects – only if we do not compare our good fortune with others.

A satisfied man is the richest person on earth. He is peaceful and he gives freely.

Comparison is a vice. But that does not mean one has to be blind towards the good things. Change comparison to admiration. Transform comparison to inspiration.

When we look at something nice, just admire it – without any thought. Do not think of hows or whats. Do not think how much it costs or how you can get it. Just look at it and enjoy its beauty in a simple and innocent way.  When we look at something like this – not through our ‘colored glass’ – we see it as it is. The mind is not racing to possess it. The heart is without jealousy or envy. On the contrary, the heart is beating in the joy of its beauty. After some time, that joy will flow through your being. And it is joy that attracts the good things in life.

“The stream of plenty always flows towards the open expectant mind.” ~ Bob Proctor

Abundance is critical for our society. It makes a civilization grow. While people enjoy the richness of money, they should also find richness in other avenues that will bring them equal joy if not more.

Think about it, if the society has lots of money but no growth at all, would you call that civilization? If people do not have avenues to spend that money, what is the use of money? If there was no music or dance, no good food or no good stories, what would we have done with our money? It would be nothing better than having rocks. Money is as good as we do with it.

For some money is security. For others, it is a means to see the world. 

One aspect of having money is to know how to make it grow and work for you. Do some work on that. You do not have to be an expert. But you should not be absolutely illiterate about it. If you have a pet, you should know what it eats so that you do not make it sick. Similarly, you should know what your money is and what it needs.

“A man’s treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character – how he makes it and how he spends it.” ~ James Moffatt

The path of your growth is fuelled by the attitude that you hold. Be it money or God. What you think, thank and ask about determines your path. Ask yourself how you treat money if money was a person. How have you been behaving with him or her? Is it something that you are proud of or are you ashamed to face this person? Were you nice or were you selfish? See money in human form standing in front of you looking at you. How you see that person will tell a lot about you and your attitude towards money. Try talking to this entity; tell your heart’s desires. Remember that money is neither good nor bad; its nature is absolutely neutral like sunlight and water. This simple act of your looking at money as an entity rather than a lifeless object will change your opinion. You will start giving money a better place now and if possible, a bit of love and respect.

Now one may wonder what’s there to ‘love’ or respect ‘money’. Money is just stuff, inanimate stuff. When you reach a certain level of evolution, you will realize that all things that we consider inanimate are made of the same stuff as our hearts and brains. The mere rejection of a good idea is a foolishness coming from our egotistical mind. Everything is a absorbing your vibrations and bringing it back to you in a different form. The whole created universe that you see around you is being subtly updated by you every second. So think again, are inanimate things really lifeless? Don’t look for answers here, find it out yourself.

Please understand one crucial aspect here. There are easier ways to gain money and abundance than what is guided in this book. What is told here may or may not be easy for you but it is here for a reason. If this information rhymes with you, take it. It means you have attracted this. This book is meant to suggest to you that material and spiritual growth – let these come together to you. One without the other is like having a north pole without its south, thus unstable.