This is especially for our readers who spend hours on HalfSamosa. Here is an extract from ‘You Can Be Your Tree of Money’ by wellness author Jean Lawrence. We will publish this book in parts with due permission from the author.
This is the fourth part of the series. 

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Chapter 4 – To practice 

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

This is an exercise you can do to be in the frequency of money.

Imagine that you are under the clear blue sky and you are very, very relaxed. Close your eyes and feel it now. You see a beautiful tree and sit to rest in its shade. You are wearing light and soft clothes that relax your body. Your hair is free in the wind. You are deeply breathing pure and fresh air. Your whole body feels relaxed and very beautiful. You feel your bare foot on the green grass. You can see far and wide easily and your eyes feel good. You watch the white clouds drifting in the sky. A cool breeze is blowing and the leaves of the trees rustle in it. Some of leaves fall on you and you see that these are notes of money. You smile but do not pick those up. You keep on relaxing and more and more currency notes start falling around you. You know these have been given to you and smile and keep on enjoying nature. The whole valley around is filled with flowing notes and you truly feel rich, in all ways. This valley full of notes, this beautiful sky, the clouds, the breeze, the grass, the tree, the pure air, everything is yours. It exists because you are there to enjoy and appreciate it. It cannot exist without you. It is not separate from you. You are free to go to your valley whenever you want to bask in the gifts of nature.

You can apply this exercise in having whatever else you want in life. If it is love, imagine the one of your dreams there. If you want knowledge, imagine paper or books floating down. Every time, you stay where you are. Let it stay there or come to you but you don’t run after it. You know it is yours now. You don’t have to be greedy or lunge towards it. You don’t do it when you truly believe that it is ‘mine’. You have self-respect and you love yourself a lot. You let it be, flow, grow and let it come to you when you want it. That is the way of life.

This exercise is yours and this valley is yours. It does not matter if others don’t believe that you are beautiful, you don’t believe you are rich, you don’t have good eyesight and the list is endless. In this place all is well. This is personal sanctuary. Keep it pure. Here you can dance and jump and there’s no one to see you except whom you think. You can ride a unicorn or a Pegasus. You are the creator of this valley. Act like one!

“Learn to become still, and to take your attention away from what you don’t want, and all the emotional charge around it, and place the attention on what you wish to experience.”~ Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

There are points in our life where we feel stuck.
Things don’t go ahead no matter how much we try to it. We tend to feel negative. One important thing to rise beyond this is that you must have clear blue skies during your visualization. Clear light blue sky is the colour of the Throat Chakra and it is this portal itself that helps us what we manifest in the astral to take form in the physical. People who have this chakra unbalanced will have a difficult time manifesting things. Wear this light blue colour often. For some people, it is easier to incorporate colours for healing and balancing by using undergarments of that colour. That way, the colour will be close to the skin all the time as well as don’t have to worry if they can wear the colour publicly in every place. If you are misbalanced in the light blue tone of the Throat Chakra in your personal etheric rainbow, it can manifest in different ways. Cough and cold, dry skin, lack of vitamins in the body, aches in the neck and shoulder area- these are only a few. One of the best ways to balance is to soak in the sun, particularly your neck, shoulder and back of the head. Astrally, the Sun’s rays carry stuff which is like packets of data. This data gives vital life support to our mind, body and spirit. A sunny soak is more than just fun but actually an uplifting ethereal experience. Unfortunately, there is so much fear embedded in our society today that we focus on more imagined problems than taking the sun as a nurturing entity. The pivot that turns anything good to bad is the excessiveness of it – don’t overdo anything, soak in the sun as much as you want. But when your body says no more, move into the shade. Only you can know how much is good or bad for you.

In the process of your visualization, an interesting phenomenon may start to occur. Your valley will start to change or rather, evolve. When I visualize at night, I sometimes see the night sky there too with shooting stars and luminescent leaves coming itself. Take what comes because it is a gift from your higher self. The point is it should make you feel good, peaceful and free.

You will see things that you have never imagined and it will be so beautiful that just being there enjoying its view is all that you would want to do. These experiences can be so deeply cleansing and peaceful to you that you might have difficulty staying awake. Don’t worry, it’s your valley. Bring in horses, preferably freely running in the valley. They can be very energetic and will infuse you with yang energy. Or you can bring there your dog, your lover or anything that will uplift you. I would suggest you do not bring your electronic devices there and even if you do, just finish what you want to and then poof it into thin air.  Walk barefoot here in the valley most times; it will help you to keep yourself grounded.

Instead of just visualizing what is said here and in other books, one thing you must do in the process of your evolution is to understand what exactly visualization is and how it actually works. In our true and pure self, we are energy beings made out of the same God energy that makes everything else. We are co-creators and we do so in our pure spirit forms. In the higher frequencies, it is easy to create and manifest just as it is easy to cook when you have a flame. Without the flame we cannot cook. The flame is a metaphor of the acknowledgement of the God consciousness. In other words, the closer we are to the Higher Energy the easier we can manifest. This is the mystical knowledge which many seek. In our earth plane lives, life is quite difficult in terms of keeping higher frequency and positive energy. What we wish out takes time to come back to us and sometimes it gets too late and garbled.  That is why it can be so difficult to visualize and manifest for us. It is imperative here to raise our vibrations and consciousness before we visualize. If you understand this complex idea expressed here in a very basic way, you will know all you need to for your growth. Therefore it is imperative that you feel create an environment that will make you feel good because it is this feeling that does the actual work for you.

Chapter 5 – Letting go of blocks 

One of the easiest ways and most important ways to remove blocks is to clear clutter. Every master has said it. Every Feng shui practitioner, Vastu expert will tell you how bad clutter is.

Start clearing it physically, as it is the easiest to do. Go over your desk and room and throw away everything you do not need. If you cannot throw it away just like that, try to give away some of the things that can be beneficial to others. Sell it off if plausible.

Don’t let dust settle on your desk or stuff. Dust holds negative energy and lower vibrations that are detrimental to the flow of positive energy. Plus it will keep you healthy and make your office look good. If you are in business or sell something, a cleaner clutter-free area with space to move about is more likely to impress your customers. Notice how the luxury shops look – always tidy and spotless.

Clutter on another level tangles our mind. If one has mental cobwebs one cannot see clearly. Clearing clutter is a sure means to set yourself free.

Easy as it may sound, this is a simple but difficult process too. As you start to clear and clean your surroundings, the internal resistance starts to show up. One may feel irritated and even angry during the de-clutter work. You may think it is not necessary. It is trick of your blocks – just like bad habits they will cling on to you.

Be assured that these blocks will go away in time. Step back and look, take a few minutes off and try it again.

Your physical clutter is a reflection of the ones inside you. Just as bathing every day is necessary to keep yourself clean, cleaning clutter regularly is absolutely imperative.

Taking the decision to get up and get clutter out of your life can feel like an internal struggle between your will and habit. Once you start doing it for a few times, this will become also turn into a habit.

With time, you will clear clutter effortlessly because now you would stop being comfortable around clutter.

You cannot fill a cup already full, as goes the wise Buddhist saying. So the wardrobe already full of old clothes cannot have any more new clothes. The mind full of old thoughts cannot accommodate new ones.

Clutter clearing is such a powerful process that it is metamorphosis in a sense. New knowledge occupies the now empty space in your being. You are filled anew with new energy just as your wardrobe gets filled with new clothes.

Clutter can however be in any form. There is also electronic clutter are the old emails, newsletters and chats that you have saved all these years. Take time to clear your old emails.

Clutter can occur in relationships. If you are keeping pictures and memories of broken bonds and failed romances, you will have trouble in your present romance. The phase has passed and so has the experience. Past is useful only when it comes to having fond memories and to gain wisdom.

As you clear your clutter in your locker and purse, and keep things a little organized you will see the shift in yourself. You do not have to push yourself too much or be disciplined like the army. Just small steps every day is enough to turn your life around.

“Money is only used for two things. One, it’s to make you comfortable, and the more comfortable you are the more creative you will become. And the other purpose is it enables you to extend the service you provide far beyond your own presence.” ~ Bob Proctor

The world has another kind of clutter.

The world needs good people with money. People who would lead organizations where the employees are treated with compassion. Sadly most CEOs today treat employees as return for investment. They are made to work even when there is probably no need. The action comes from their incomplete personalities, their lack of self-love and self-respect. This outdated attitude is clutter against expansion.

Someone who is a rich personality knows how to delegate work and manage. An intimidating boss-like-attitude comes from a poor personality.

The world needs people like you to create a new world – where money is used to improve the lives of others – and not to drain them. We have to create a life and livelihood where everyone wins. If it is not win-win, it is no good at all. It is still primitive.

Just because one has to run a business does not mean you have to be ruthless – we have many successful entrepreneurs who have shown that it is possible to be compassionate and a good businessman. By compassionate it does not mean putting the money in charity.

While charitable work is great for everyone, it is a different topic. If you want to truly give, give also to those who are doing something for you – you are standing on their shoulders. Put yourself in their shoes.

You can apply this principle in all phases of your life. There will always be someone who needs more patience and understanding from you.