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This is especially for our readers who spend hours on HalfSamosa. Here is an extract from ‘You Can Be Your Tree of Money’ by wellness author Jean Lawrence. We will publish this book in parts with due permission from the author.
This is the sixth and last part of the series. 

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Power of affirmations

Chapter 7 – Things to tell Yourself

Repetition is a powerful tool; use it as much as you can for your benefit. When ‘I’ is used with the repetition, it points the attention of the affirmation towards you.

Before repeating these affirmations, sit and relax. Note how you breathe. Most of us breathe more from one nostril, which shows that you are not perfectly in a relaxed state. Do not stress on your breathing, just let it flow naturally.

After some time, you will feel a difference. It may take a minute or ten minutes but one will definitely feel it. How quickly one can reach a state of relaxed watchfulness is a question of the atmosphere around the person and as well as the person’s state of mind.

For example, if you are in a place of your liking, relaxed-ness will come more naturally to you. But in a stressed or noisy atmosphere, it takes time to settle in. Sometimes, it can be as well impossible. When one reaches the state of mastery, relaxed watchfulness becomes the all-time state-of-being.

Through practice, anyone can reach that state. However, one thing to remember is that you must not try too hard to relax. That will make you all the more tensed. Desperation only makes things stressed.

One of the easiest ways to reach that state is to be in nature. It automatically does it to us. Find a calm comfortable shade under a tree. But one may be in a situation where one cannot do so, say in an office. Then if you can, think about a place of your liking with such calm atmosphere. Close your eyes if you can.

Once your breath has attained a relaxed rhythmic manner, get in touch with your body. How do you feel? Feel your foot and toes and then up your legs. Is there any tension in the muscles? Come as up to the top of your head. Just watch your body.

Start saying these affirmations and watch how you feel in the body. Do you feel different, irritated or does your body want to move? Adjust yourself if it feels uncomfortable. Note if you feel uncomfortable reading any of these statements.


  • I use money in generous ways.
  • I feel good whether or not I have money.
  • I am happy when I have money.
  • I use money to make my life and others’ lives better.
  • I keep money and spend money.
  • I am balanced when I have money.
  • Money makes me a better person.
  • Money helps me stay more focused and in control.
  • I can resist temptation even when I have enough money.
  • Money makes me feel good.
  • I fill other’s lives with joy with money.
  • Money is a positive force which brings joy.
  • With ample money, I also attract other forms of prosperity like knowledge and courage.
  • I love money and all the freedom it brings with itself.
  • I am flowing in the river of money.
  • Money is one beautiful form of the many forms of abundance the universe gives us.
  • I am thankful to God and nature and the universe for making me rich.
  • All the desires of my heart are fulfilled because I respect them.
  • I can manifest money whenever I want so I am at peace with money.
  • I am no longer living in the fear of scarcity.
  • I am putting money and saving it in the right places for my future needs.
  • I am using money wisely.
  • I am using money to make someone’s life better; I am helping people get good education and self-respect.
  • Money is a powerful tool when used correctly.
  • Money loves freedom.
  • Money loves flow.
  • Money loves openness.
  • Money loves honesty, good manners and goodness of heart.
  • Money makes me rich materially and spiritually.
  • I love it when my money brings smile in other people’s faces.
  • I love it when I spend money where I feel good.
  • I love it when I feel so fulfilled with money that I no longer run after it.
  • I love it when I no longer run after unnecessary shopping sales because I have more then enough money to get good things every time and everywhere.
  • I feel good when I see that I can attract money and everything else easily and harmoniously.
  • I feel good to be content and at peace.
  • Manifesting money is as easy as breathing, walking, eating and talking. It is natural to us.
  • I can manifest as much money whenever and wherever I want.
  • Money brings joy into my life.
  • Money helps us be healthy.
  • As I manifest money I realize that money is a state of mind and so there is nothing to fear. Once you learn a skill you will always remember it.
  • Every time I fear about money I remember that I am the creator of both the money and the fear.
  • I love my life which is better when I am a better manifestor.
  • Money loves speed, money loves to flow.
  • Money loves freedom.
  • Money loves nature and it is a form of nature because abundance is nature’s nature.

Which sentences made you feel uncomfortable or impatient? Which statements got you twitches or tension?

Those statements reveal the most about you. These give you the most insight into your personality.

Those statements point to your beliefs and any itching or discomfort that may happen will give you an idea about your inner self. You would have to work on your beliefs and change them.

It is difficult to change one belief and ideas, especially the ones that no longer serve us well. But we cannot live in the old same fashion.

Nothing can remain stagnant in nature, not even a stone. While we cannot see, miniscule particles of rock wear away and mountains grow taller every year. Yes they do! Mount Everest is growing about a half an inch taller each year. The Himalayas are pressed up by the collision between the Indian and Asian land masses.

Similarly, we have to grow and the good news is, it comes naturally to us. We are the culprits – with our negative consciousness – we have drifted away from nature. Why do you think millions spend time on the beach or travel to safaris and jungles? Why are the most premium tourist spots full of nature’s beauty?

Once you surrender yourself to Mother Nature, you start getting back into balance. Slowly your mind will stop racing around. It may take time to heal – but it will heal for sure.

Then you can see the true state of our existence.

Nature provides us abundance – in all forms. Everywhere we see – we see more than enough. We all are nature’s children and as a mother she wants us to have more than enough abundance. That is how nature works, that is her true nature.

But nature is also full of diversity. All are not apple trees. There are trees full of gaudy flowers also. Different trees bear different fruits and some trees are totally of a different league.

But each has a purpose. Just like each one of us. Each one should want to be like the other. You can have less – or more. Remember that the apple tree does not compare or compete against other trees. It blooms in its own way.

Wealth and abundance comes to us in the same way. All of us will not be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. You will be you, could be the world’s richest man – or not. But you must bloom in your own way.

We should learn of abundance from nature herself. She is the epitome of abundance herself and what better teacher than Her who grows and creates so effortlessly. Not a grass struggles to grow nor does it shout or whine. It is tuned this universal wisdom where abundance is the natural state of our body, mind and spirit. Only if we could see it inside us!

Self-love and self-respect would get you to a lot of places. Learn to love yourself in a healthy manner for love is a great attractor. Where there is love there is compassion. You don’t have to strive or struggle, you have to simply love nature and answers will follow.

Speaking simply, loving oneself means being honest to your feelings. If you believe in something, stand for it. You do not always have to show it, the right inaction is a powerful tool. It is also called passive resistance.

We commonly blame the divine for our plight. But you cannot love and also blame someone for your troubles – can you? That is not how we do it in relationships, right? Too much blame results in break-up or divorce.

We also pray to God in return for something. This sounds like a mere give and take. Then we go to a church or temple to please God so that he keeps us happy. But then it sounds like running a business. If you do something with a return in mind, that is an investment.

Love God or love anybody – for love’s sake. Appreciate and praise genuinely- these are the best things you can ever give. Even when you pray, send God your love. In your own way from your heart.

Why? What does it have to do with abundance?

Because it changes you. Your personality grows when you realize that you also have something to give to the divine. With a change in your personality, things will look different to you.

People will find you more trusting and charming. They may even start respecting you. And that is one of the biggest things one can ever achieve.

There are many men and women – rich, famous – who have everything except respect. once they lose their position, they land in a pathetic condition. Their self-esteem is almost zero.

The people who have earned the respect of others will always remain special – whether they remain rich or not in future.

Respect from others will make you feel good more than money can. Many people actually want to be rich or a celebrity because they feel that others will respect them when they become so. It is a sad but true story of many.

Keep it simple, if you love you do. Above all and most importantly, learn to love yourself. Don’t self-blame, don’t self-criticize. If you look closely, you will see a close dependency on people who criticize themselves and criticize the world. One who cannot love his or her own self, cannot see the love outside.

The day you learn to truly have love for yourself, you will rise above the self-blame and restrictions that you place on yourself. Interestingly, it is those days you will find true abundance. That day you will be truly rich. In every way. Physically, mentally, spiritually.

A Note from the Author

I am grateful to the readers who are striving to make their lives better and more balanced; for it is our quest to grow that defines everything else. Never stop asking, never be not curious, and never settle for the so-called normal. You will be everything that you wished for.
Let me know your hopes and doubts and I will be glad to respond to you.
– Jean Lawrence

Image credits: Pixabay

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