This is especially for our readers who spend hours on HalfSamosa. Here is an extract from ‘You Can Be Your Tree of Money’ by wellness author Jean Lawrence. We will publish this book in parts with due permission from the author.
This is the third part of the series. 

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Chapter 3 – Ownership 

You cannot own money, just like you cannot own the sun, moon or air. It is everywhere and it belongs to all. That also means that you should not be scared or feel insecure. Do you worry that the sunlight may reduce when another person basks in the sun? Are you afraid that if one admires the moon you will lose it?

What you think you own money is just a perspective. Think about a tree that grows in your property. You may have bought it and planted it or it must have been inherited with the property. Right now you think that you own the tree and its fruits because it is under your domain or territory. You are free to trim it, propagate it. You may enjoy the blooms and sit under its shade. You are even free to cut it down. But do you truly own it?

The tree has a life of which you know nothing of. You may have nourished the seed but you cannot create the seed. You accept the seed, through a source which the universe and you subtly decide upon. Can you force it to bloom? You may use ways of nourishment to make it bloom more but you cannot force it. You cannot control which of its leaves to stay or fall. You cannot make it bloom when it is not its season. Can you make mangoes grow when it snows?

You cannot control the design of a tree’s roots. You can trim for the shape but you cannot control the growth of each and every branch.

Why this comparison and what does money have to do with trees?

Nature is everywhere and money is also a part of it. Just like we shape our trees, we are free to give shape to our money. We can choose how riches look for us; we can choose the colour of our currency, our cars and homes. We are free to relax under the shade of abundance. But no matter how much we think we can own it, we don’t. Because money is energy, a force of nature. We can choose to have it, enjoy it and feel good about it. Once you start to relate a tree with money, you will start to see how money energy works. It’s easy, all we have to do is plant the seed. The seed of the oak tree needs to be planted in the soil; the seed of abundance needs the soil of the human soul. Just like the seed grows so will the money tree inside you. Then you will understand that not only the tree is important but also the soil needs to be nourished. You will respect both the tree and the soil.

Then you will realize that without you, the soil, the seed of abundance cannot grow. Then you will realize why change really starts inside.

“There’s no shortage of money on planet Earth, only a shortage of people who think correctly about it. To become a millionaire from scratch, you must end the poverty thinking.” ~ Grant Cardone

Ancient civilizations always settled around great rivers. The Egyptians settled beside the Niles, Indus Valley had 5 rivers. The Tiger and the Euphrates, the Ganga and Yamuna, and probably every other civilization is based around a river. Rivers make the soil fertile. The more fertile the soil is, the easier and better the plants, crops and trees that grow on it. Rivers are carriers of valuable life source which arise from the womb of the earth, thus becoming the source of life themselves. Nature makes sure that man’s soil is nourished.

In the same way, nature makes sure man’s soul is nourished too. So that you can plant any seed of abundance and it will grow successfully. But for that you have to be near the river. Just like we have rivers that carry water, there are also rivers that carry the needs of our overall growth. The river is a metaphor of the resources available to us in the universe. As we open ourselves to it, it flows unto us and gives us what we desire.

“Your economic security does not lie in your job; it lies in your own power to produce – to think, to learn, to create, to adapt. That’s true financial independence. It’s not having wealth; it’s having the power to produce wealth.” ~ Stephen Covey

What we need to do is be aware that all that we want is available to us. Place, time, age, creed, religion nothing is our barrier as long as we don’t make it so. The river sources of knowledge are ethereal; it is spread all over space and is bound by physical limits like its counterparts on earth. These sources are, in our vocabulary, in a sense magnetic. If we imagine our mind to be an electromagnet, which is a material which turns into a magnet when electric current is made to pass along it. So your mind is the electromagnet and your thought is the current. When you think about what you desire, the part of the mind creates that magnetism and this ‘magnet’ attracts. The stronger your thought currents are, the stronger the electromagnet will be. Now you see why some people have easier time getting richer than others. Their thoughts are stronger and also clearer. Resistance is not good for current flow and so it is with you. You must be aware of you blockages that delay your good.

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Resistances and blockages to abundance are carried by almost everyone. 

Only the ones enlightened are truly resistance-free. That is basis by which Jesus, Buddha and Krishna could heal by their touch, create miracles and elevate souls, even today. This is because they had BECOME that, their thought fully without any bars with the power of absolute focus. They did not only have the power of healing, they themselves became the source and emitter of healing. This is why people can feel their energy in the present time by praying to them or by chanting their name. When you pray to an enlightened entity like them, your focusing on that entity brings forth their unique frequency. This is where faith is emphasized. Faith’s synonym here is surrender; surrender is having your mind open; accept the flow of this frequency unfiltered by our doubts. It is similar when you are listening to a masterpiece track of music where you are wholly absorbed in it, the melody seeping in through your pores. How the feeling would be when your phone rings in the middle of it or a salesman comes ringing the bell? Wouldn’t it just spoil the rhythm? So full focus is of the essence. Remember that the laws which bring forth miracles and healing are the same laws that bring you money. Nothing is separate from each other. The gap that you may see in prayer and attracting riches is a division created by the mind. We see the way we want to, and in the process we may create a wall between us and the true nature of the universe. Unfortunately, these concepts can be hard to grasp at times and our words, insufficient to express it all. But one day you will have an epiphany, and you will understand it all. Just like you cannot explain to another how sweetness tastes and one has to taste sweetness to know how it feels. So one day, if you try, you will simply come to know how true abundance feels. Then you can easily perceive the abundance that is flowing in nature.

“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all. But to believe in the unseen is both a triumph and a blessing.” ~ Bob Proctor

The trees creates abundance in the forms of fruit, flower, leaves, shade, wood, oxygen, home for the birds, playhouse for children, tree house for adults, as forests for mankind and add more to the list. Similarly, being abundant is your birthright and by being so you create other forms of abundance too – care and nourishment to family, generosity and philanthropy to ones in need, read more and gain more wisdom, travel and nourish the world’s soul and add more to the list. The list is endless. Believe that you will have all that your heart desires.

We humans have a strange belief system which we do not question. First we move away from natural surroundings thinking that technology and modern life are the answers to our satisfaction and way to civilization. But look at the top holiday destinations. In most cases, either it is a beach, or a mountain, a forest or an isolated paradise in an azure blue location. Most of us never even want to end our vacations.

We as an advanced human civilization consider tribal societies to be less civilized and not exactly ‘rich’. Think deeply why we do so. Is that because they don’t have the currency the way we use. They do not have the green stuff which is our measurement of status mapping. But they may live in a Necker island type of a place, with abundant food from nature, without a single worry. Vacation for life! Pity we don’t value their lifestyle.

Another advantage of staying close to nature is the advantage of grounding and nature therapy. Again researchers all over the world have discovered how grounding effects by walking barefoot leads to weight loss and having a lighter body. Detoxification of the mind and body is also a byproduct of staying close to nature not to mention better eyesight, digestion, relaxed nerves and reduced low blood pressure. And of course, what could be better colour therapy than looking at rainbows and fresh flowers?

All answers can be found in nature.

“The world is awash with money and you are showing up with your teaspoon.” ~ Abraham Hicks