Read Ebook Online: You Can Be Your Tree Of Money – 1

This is especially for our readers who spend hours on HalfSamosa. Here is an extract from ‘You Can Be Your Tree of Money’ by wellness author Jean Lawrence. We will publish this book in parts with due permission from the author.
This is the first part of the series.  

“When you have money, you have the power to have a greater impact in the world. Most of us are used to playing small roles, partly because we don’t have enough money.”  ~ Dr. Kalinda Rose Stevenson 

Foreword from the Author

It is the law of the world to move from the lesser to greater. Look around us. First there is a need for basic things – food, clothing and shelter. Then we move on to comfort. For those who have comfort look for luxury.

Luxury can appear in our life in several ways. The desires of luxury may mean to be more prosperous, healthier or more balanced in life. It may signify to attain more joy, abundance and freedom.

These are the innate desires of the human soul. We are kind of made that way.

But then one cannot feel liberated unless he feels truly fulfilled.

If you have a desire perhaps there is a reason for its existence. Money may not truly be the evil temptation what the world thinks it to be so, but it is in fact as neutral as electricity and fire, its usefulness dependent upon the mind of its master. Abundance in every form is our natural gift although we have forgotten to remember it.

You will see that nature is always abundant if you have the eyes to look into her discipline beyond just grass and cattle. You have to learn how to see it because all that you seek lies there.

This book is not a quick-rich guide, maybe more of a paradigm-shift guide. It is food for your soul.

All the money and prosperity consciousness contained here is only a drop of knowledge. But it will give you the idea. It will help you tune in to that frequency where there is more coming. Instead of having only a part of being rich, you can learn how to have the grass greener on all sides.

This is challenging, yes. But not impossible.


Ancient Eastern wisdom mentions of a wonderful tree that exists in the highest range of the mystical Himalayas. It is equivalent to what we call a wish-fulfilling tree. For many it is the Money Tree.

It has been called as the ‘Kalpavriksha’. It is said to yield whatever you could ask it to, be it money, gold or life. It is a wonderful thing to regard, isn’t it?

What most people would likely miss is the actual implication behind the nomenclature. Most ancient knowledge is passed to the future generations through parables and this is no exception. While ‘Vriksha’ is tree in Sanskrit, ‘Kalpa’ is the root of ‘kalpana’, which means imagination.

What can be the relationship with the ever-imagining human mind with a miraculous tree of nature? Dig deep, and you would find nature answers all our questions.

Each one of us living carries a precious undying seed of the wish-tree, and this seed is striving to get a fertile mind to start growing.

‘Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.’ ~ Albert Einstein

Chapter 1 : Abundance is Natural 

Everyone needs abundance, everyone must have abundance. It is our natural state of being. We grow up with the unshakeable belief that everybody is not meant to get everything in life. Sadly it is this very belief which pushes us away from abundance if not towards poverty consciousness.

Abundance is our natural state of being. If money is missing in your life, or the love is not there, that is being un-abundant. You are a complete whole being, a magnificent one although you may not feel so in this ‘puny earthling’ life.

Money is a requirement in our society and civilization. But have you ever really thought what money actually is? Isn’t it a bundle of paper which our government has decided to adhere and give value to? It is almost the same theory for all nations at present who are trying to create value in an orderly form.

Now again, when you say money, do you mean bank balance? That will simply be a certain number of digits. Or by saying you want money, you wanted more buying power, the luxury, the car, the yacht or the gold?

Being rich and having money may not have the same meaning for everybody. For someone, having money may mean the possibility of more globetrotting whereas when another wants to get rich, he is subconsciously wishing to set up a secure life with marriage and children.

The list is endless and it is exhausting to think of every little thing when you say you want money or get rich.

“Money in itself is just a means of exchange. It is no more inherently evil than any other material thing God created”. ~ Ben Witherington

 The three aspects

“Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.” ~ Rhonda Byrne

Simply put, there are three aspects to our human form – the physical body, the mental body and our spiritual essence.  None is more important and none is the littlest of the three.

In our society, attention is given first on the gross physical body and then on the development of the intellect. While it is extremely important to have a greater IQ, too much use of one acuity leads us to have misbalance. Our education system is such that it has not a trace of true spiritual wisdom.

True spiritual wisdom may not have any relation with religion. Unfortunately blind religion may actually lead us the opposite way. It is better to stay away than fall into the hands of false gurus. Sadly, no religion in the world is untouched by this fate. Every holy book has been interpreted from one’s profitable perspective, unconsciously as well as willfully.

The result is that we underestimate the spiritual essence of us. No one thinks of spiritual solutions in day-to-day situations. We only pray when it is out of our hands in a crisis-like-situation.  However at one point we do understand the need to really get out of the box which we have been calling life.

Another extreme is the ego which arises with too much mind use. When supremacy of mental acumen becomes most important then one starts to turn into the next egomaniac. The more you think you know, the more your ego will pat your back. The more you think, the more are open to stress. Humility starts to disappear in the person but the individual would hardly think it necessary. Worse, he would hardly notice that his powers of goodness are falling away.

Ego is a bottomless pit. The more you think you are higher, the more you are actually sinking.

The man with the ego starts to get distanced from his peers. He will think of him as more intelligent, more advanced.

Unknowingly, he starts to put people down to show that he is better than others. In reality, a truly knowledgeable man would raise other people up with love and care. But the ego-centric cannot feel the plight. All his attention is on him. He also dampens his sensitivity. Naturally the subtle things go away.

Romance is a very subtle emotion. The more compassionate you are, the more joy you will get from it. But ego is a sure shot romance-killer.

So then starts to turn the attention towards his body, hoping that it will compensate for the subtlety. He sure knows that something is missing. But as the subtlety is gone, so is the awareness to understand it.

If ego is a sure way of destruction, too much unhealthy attention to the body is another.

Our bodies are wonderfully beautiful things. In its natural state, the body is always and always beautiful.

Tribal people have extremely healthy skin and hair. Teeth and gum problems are almost non-existent. This may be a far-fetched example but think of yourself when you were a child.

A child has radiant skin and hair. That was abundance. Then what happened?

We drifted away from what nature gave us. We chose corporate solutions instead of natural ones. And that is the root of our physical imperfections.

Then comes the conditioning of our looks – that we should have the trending hairstyle and the lips which are in vogue.

We are meant to look good. That IS self-respect.

Take a red rose and pink rose. The red rose thinks pink is in fashion, so it must turn pink.

As the red rose turns pink, the world is devoid of this beauty. No one can replace the red rose. Similarly no one can replace the pink rose.

We are all roses of different colors.

Nature makes the rose beautiful. It does not go and dye itself pink. It enjoys the abundance of beauty.

You are meant to enjoy your physical, mental and spiritual.  Only the fulfillment of all aspects will make you truly rich.

“Prosperity allows us to turn our attention to more transcendent matters – to yearn for lives not just of material comfort but of meaning, balance, and joy.”~ Gretchen Rubin

Let us a see an easy way to get rich – winning the lottery jackpot.

Calculating the chances of winning a lottery has been an interesting science and there are people who have gone deep into it. But more interesting than that is the study on lottery winners.

Various researches have been almost all over the world on the jackpot winners. The researchers wanted to see how the winners have reacted and settled with their sudden good fortune. They wanted to know where they invested the money. Did the winners buy a new house or a car? If so, which one? How long, on an average, did the capital stay with them? How did they multiply it?

The results were shocking.

It was observed that majority of lottery winners ended up poor and broke. Some were even worse condition than they were before. Their lives were ruined within a year or two of winning the jackpot.

These men and women changed their lifestyle suddenly and probably more to their means. Their egos boosted like a balloon, they could not keep a calm head. They wanted to live ‘rich’ – or how they imagined the rich and famous live. They lost touch with who they truly were.

Only a small percent fared off a better life. They evaluated their life. They bought what they wanted, not what others bought. They invested the rest which multiplied their wealth in future. Instead of showing off their wealth, they focused on what they thought was important. These men and women were also generous and helpful – even before and after the jackpot.

Keeping yourself unaffected by outside situations is a sign that abundance will stay with you.

It is so sad to see how abundance comes into our hands and we let it slip it off. It could come in form of a jackpot. But it can also come as a person. For someone else, it can be anything – may be something that give him joy.

The point is not how much abundance we have but what end up with it in terms of wisdom, character and value.

“Of the billionaires I have known, money just brings out the basic traits in them. If they were jerks before they had money, they are simply jerks with a billion dollars.” ~ Warren Buffett

Only the material accumulation of money is not sufficient. The mind must not be afraid of losing the money. It is called poverty consciousness.

Spiritually, you must not contradict your existence with your new gain. We must not feel ‘I can’t believe it’ because there and then you are contradicting your new reality.

When one gains a good amount of money, with a rush of excitement comes new thoughts of how to enjoy life with it. Joy is a very uplifting emotion and this is a very positive thing which comes in too.

But you must lose your balance in the excitement. If you let excitement feeling dominate you, the instinct will no longer be heard.

The wisdom frequency is lost because there are stronger emotions riding the mind. It is like having a loud noise in your head.

One way to be in balance is to just sit and breathe. Close your eyes to calm yourself. You can also look at the trees and flowers. Then, feel your body. How does it feel -is there throbbing or tensed muscles? Is your body still? Try to relax and let go of your muscles. After some time, you will feel better and more in touch with yourself.

A walk among the trees or a garden is nature’s own stress-reliever. You do not have to do anything. Nature is wise. The sound and smells of nature – like the soft rustling of the trees and the smell of flowers – are readymade solutions. Life is meant to be easy.

If your spiritual essence is strong than the mental ego patterns, you will enjoy the so called little things of life. So invest and spend your time and money in a balanced manner. A simpler house with surrounding nature is a better option than a luxury box-of-an-apartment in the big city.

Balance is the key to a happy life. It is as important to enjoy spending money as it is to save.

Be kind and generous to yourself. Not the narcissist way, neither the selfish way. When you give it to yourself in a loving kind manner, you feel good – this is a form of abundance. You feel satisfied. As a result, you are a calmer and happier person. When you are calmer you know what is important for you. When you know what is important for you, then you are balanced.

And being balanced is the key to being truly rich, truly abundant.

“Truth is, money doesn’t make you happy or a nice person, it just means you have the means to live the life you want. What kind of life is up to you, and that’s where some people crash and burn. They get money but they don’t have a clue about being a good person so they just make themselves and everyone around them miserable.” ~ Phil Town