Is it possible to recharge but not give the mobile number? Yes it is.

As one provides the mobile number to even a retailer to recharge it, there is a chance that these numbers can get misused. There are many people and organizations which are willing to ‘buy’ valid mobile numbers so that they can push their products. Sometimes there are more sinister uses.

In an attempt to provide confidentiality and prevent misuse, Vodafone has introduced a Private Recharge Mode. It has been launched among its subscribers in West Bengal.

Vodafone has launched a free of cost service for its subscribers in West Bengal where you can recharge your phone in a retail shop without giving your number to them. It is called as the Vodafone Private Recharge Mode.

To activate this facility, type ‘Private’ and send this SMS to 12604. You will receive an OTP. Provide this OTP to the retailer for recharge. You do not need to provide the mobile number.

You can use this OTP more than once to recharge your mobile number. It will be valid till midnight.

You can make different recharges – top ups, data packs – and even across various retail shops. This OTP will get deactivated at 12 midnight.

As per the statement by Arvinder Singh Sachdev released to the Press Trust of India (PTI) –

“With smart phones becoming the single most important storehouse for information, ensuring the privacy of subscribers by keeping their phone numbers private and protected has gained paramount importance.

“Vodafone is happy to bring one more path-breaking service that will make our customers feel more secure and empowered,” Vodafone business head, Kolkata and West Bengal Circle, Arvinder Singh Sachdev, said.