For more than two thousand years Good Friday has been observed with respect all over the world. On this day, Jesus Christ was tortured and crucified. Some call it the Black Friday – but it is not only a black day for Christians. It is a touching day for every man – whether he is Hindu, Christian, Sikh,Buddhist or Muslim.

Surprised? Here are some hard hitting facts that will expand your mind –

#1 Torturing a holy man

Truly speaking, Jesus was foremost a holy person – and every religion has its history of holy men who have been tortured.

Good Friday gods of all religions

Dig into real history and you will see that whether it was Prophet Mohammad or Guru Tegh Bahadur or Shri Sita – some evil element would torture and cause pain to that person. It has always been so – whether we understand it or not. At the end dharma won and Jesus came back, didn’t he?

That is why it should never be we versus them but always Good vs Evil and Dharma vs Adharma.

#2 Value of sacrifice

Good Friday reminds that Jesus sacrificed his life for each one of us. Every human being understands the value of a sacrifice. Sacrifices are made every day for growth and balance. It does not have to be big or small.

A mother sacrifices small things every time for the wellness of her child. A father sacrifices his desires and works for the abundance of the family. Fathers and mothers are beyond religion – and so is sacrifice.

Good Friday gods of all religions

#3 Jesus was secular – so what’s stopping us?

Jesus gave up his life for the betterment of the people everywhere – all over the world. He did not think of what religion they belonged to.  So why should we? It is time we get our common sense straight.

Good Friday gods of all religions

#4 Evil has no religion – so with Good

Is there any religion that can claim that 100% of its followers are pure good? That is just not possible. Every religion has its good and evil people.

Remember what Krishna said in Gita? He will come again and again to protect the holy and to finish off the unholy. Jesus came back no matter what the evil people tried. Dare to disrespect a holy man again? The choice is yours!

‘ Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinasaya cha Duskritam ‘

Good Friday gods of all religions

#5 Common sense

Because we deserve to live happily, we deserve to be blessed. We deserve to live in a world that works on common sense and practicality. Because we should choose Good over Evil. Because Jesus would want to bless us so that we rise and live our complete lives – and so would Buddha, Mahavir, Mohammad, Guru Nanak and Krishna.

Good Friday gods of all religions

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