This Durga Pujor ad was released in 1999 just before the oncoming of the festival. Here we see Soumitro Chattopadhyay as the adorable dadu. The scenes excellently portray the charms of old Kolkata.

First of all Soumitro Chattopadhyay is the adored parar dadu who is loved for holding the timeless Durga pujo in the old mansion. However time’s tide takes a toll on him, He decides to do away with the Durga pujo. It comes as a shock to the para’s kucho kacha – the area’s younger generation. They decide to take an active role to maintain the tradition.

The ad runs through the old lanes and balconies of the city’s old blocks. It becomes a beautiful portrayal of Kolkata at its deepest. We see how deeply one feels the Durga Pujo.

We see how the youngsters manage the whole event. Most of all, Durga Pujo is not just a festival or a ritual worship – it is a full-blown multiday event. If we see the whole thing as an outsider, we can see how much attention and labour goes into it. Apart from the professionals, many people work to prepare the festival. It is most noteworthy to see that everybody in the community is working together day and night without any expectation in return.

As Durga Pujo draws near in Bengal, the look and say of the advertisements start to change. This is probably one of the most interesting facets of the festival. Ads thus become Durga pujor ad.

Therefore advertisements and hoardings all cry out for one destination – the Pujo. Thus, it seems that all clothing trends were waiting for this time only. We also see Pujo based adverts of jewels, accessories, cars, home appliances – all crying for our attention.  And why not? It is the time when Bengalis shop the most.

The fervor of Durga Pujo is so strong that anything that comes in touch with it starts to emit its fragrance. Multi national brands are definitely keen to appeal to the Bengali mass, but somewhere unknowingly, they too join the festivities.

It is not every day that we see the maestro in such a wonderful advertisement. We did enjoy seeing our favourite actor in our favourite festival.