There are many simple ways to reuse old shirts and t-shirts. And we must. We have no idea how much textile we dump into our garbage every year. Not only do these fibres land up in our soil and water, it is also a waste of resources.

There must be an old shirt lying around in the house which we just do not want do away with but it is also not wearable. Check out your wardrobe of your father, brother or husband. There must be a few of those old shirts and t-shirts. Sometimes we have memories attached to a particular t-shirt. Or you just do not know what to do with it or where to donate or recycle. Worry not, we will show you some very interesting and fun ways to reuse it again.

You do not have to be a skilled person to implement these ideas. All it takes is a little desire to see how it is done. Each method is simple and has a how-to video. So here are some creative ways to reuse old shirts and t-shirts:

Reuse your old t-shirt into a no sew pillow cover

This method is a simple and creative way to reuse shirts and t-shirts that is lying around without any use. Best of all, no stitching is needed.

All you need to do is take a cushion pillow and mark the area of the t-shirt. As you see in the video, you will mark a few inches more to create the ruffle effect. Create the ruffle by tying the sides as shown. With thirty minutes, you have a cool cushion cover ready to show off. Not only did you save resources and care about the whole world but also used your brain and hands to create something attractive.

See this innovative video to turn an old t-shirt into a trendy cushion or pillow cover.

Reuse an old shirt to make a dress

This is an amazing way to reuse old shirts into a girl’s dress. Plus, it looks stylish. The method is too simple and you can embellish it any way you want.

Take an old shirt that you want to turn into a dress. Take a t-shirt or dress of the wearer for reference. Lay out the shirt and then on top of it keep the t-shirt as shown in the video. Mark out the shape you want. Cut it out and sew both the sides. For the sleeves, you can try the design you want. You may stitch a lace on it or create some frills. You can also put patchwork on the dress or use it plain.

See the video here showing step by step how to reuse old shirt into a girl’s frock. Although this video shows a girl’s frock, you can use the same method to create a woman’s dress as well. Match it with casual trousers or jeggings.

Do you want to put a neck bow too? See how you can make a dress with a neck bow from an old shirt here with step by step instructions.

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Reuse an old t-shirt to make crop, off -shoulder or peasant top

Have you craved for those checks and stripes on trendy women’s tops? Here is a way to make your own within thirty minutes. The best, you do not have to spend a single dime for it.

If you are not good a sewing and are afraid that your work may not look great, try it with an old or torn shirt. That way you would get a feel of the thing. Once you get the first one right, it becomes easy. You can create cheap t-shirts into the trendiest off shoulder tops. If you want to make it more catchy, buy some gaudy buttons, patches or laces that would go well with it. Although it makes it faster, but you do not need to have a sewing machine to make these amazing tops.

See the video here that shows how you can convert your old clothing to a trendy crop top.

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Keep memories

Do you have an old t-shirt that is like really dear to you? No matter what you do not want to let it go?   Perhaps you want to keep it like that for a long time? Then, you can create what is called the t-shirt artwork. This way not only will you reuse old shirts but also preserve it for a long time. Plus, it will always be in front of your eyes.

Here is an innovative way to preserve that memorable shirt by turning it into artwork that you can show off. It is a simple method. Choose a frame and get ready with scissors. See how it is done here.

reuse old shirts

Reuse old shirts and t-shirts to make dungarees

Who doesn’t like dungarees? It is as good as jeans, trousers and jeggings. Best of all, did you know you can create your dungaree without spending any money?

Dungarees is one of the most favourite casual wear out there. It looks smart and is comfortable to wear. You can have dungarees of full length, knee length or short and hot ones. These can be made with old jeans as well but jeans can be difficult to stitch at home or by hand as the fabric is quite thick. Making a dungaree from an old shirt is easier and fun.

Search an old long sleeved shirt that you want to reuse. To make this dungaree follow the instructions closely. See how a plain or dull shirt can be remade into a cool casual wear. Measure and cut the old shirt as shown step by step.

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Reuse old t-shirts to make shrugs

It is easy to turn that old t-shirt into a shrug. However making a shrug is different from making a dress. So keep a close eye on the instructions. It is a simple and innovative way. Just know how to cut only one side of the -t-shirt and open it. Fold and measure as instructed. Once you get the hang of it, you can create your own shrugs within 5 minutes!

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Reuse old shirts and t-shirts to make quilt and blanket

If you have quite a few t-shirt and shirts lying around, here is a great way to reuse it and make a nice quilt. This method is very straightforward way and easy. Take the t-shirt or shirts and cut off the sleeves. Cut out equal square portions. Lay these cut cloth pieces side by side. You can also try rectangular or different design patterns but it may be a bit tricky to get a uniform size. Lay out all those cloth pieces and see how you want your quilt to look. Arrange as you would like to see.

Now pin those pieces up and start stitching the sides as you can see in this video. Once you have done all of those, you can nice patterned piece of cloth ready. Turn it around and use an old bed sheet to sew it on the other side. Voila, you have your own blanket quilt ready with your favourite clothes!