Royal Recipes – 11 Cookbooks To Teach You True Royal Cuisine

The word ‘royal recipes’ invokes our imagination. What could the kings possibly eat? How did the royal feasts smell and taste. It is true that royal recipes are kept guarded by the royal families and their cooks for generations, and in many families still is.

With the passage of time, these royal recipes are being presented to everyone. These dishes are heavenly delectable – and are the result of diligent cooking. Most recipes need time and patience but that is what makes the food of the kings so special.

Here are those special books that reveal those wonderful recipes. Books like these are hard to get. The books have been put in two parts – one on Indian royal families and the other about the cuisine of Buckingham Palace. Each of these books is a collectible, and guides you how to set up a regal dinner at home.

Royal recipes of Indian kingdoms

#1 Delights of The Maharajas – Exotic Dishes from the Princely House of Sailana

Penned by a royal, cooked by a royal. Delights of The Maharajas is a very special book. It has been written by the former Maharaja of Sailana, Digvijaya Singh. Sailana is a princely state in Madhya Pradesh.

Royal Recipes India

Digvijaya Singh is a different kind of a royal. He finished his higher studies at Benaras Hindu University and engaged himself in painting, bird watching and classical music. His love for gardening is well known all over the world as he has completed the largest cactus garden in Asia. However, the Maharaja’s most fascinating enthusiasm is perhaps in cooking.

Digvijaya Singh learnt the art of cooking. He would spend time with his cooks and perfect every dish. It is often that he would cook a special dish for his family members who have gathered for this special treat.

In his book Digvijaya Singh had delved deep into the art of cooking royal recipes. Some of these dishes were kept secret in his family. Some of these dishes have been collected from the other royal families like from the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Begum of Bhopal. These regal dishes need meticulous preparation using low flame and slow cooking with special ingredients like cream and dry fruits – but at the end it’s worth it.

This book is truly one of a kind and a landmark in royal cuisine. You can get the book here.

#2 Dining with the Maharajas: A Thousand Years of Culinary Tradition

Written by journalist Neha Prasada, it speaks of the royal dishes across the country. From Kashmir to Udaipur, Tripura to Mysore – interesting anecdotes titillate our imagination. It speaks how the chefs of the Patiala royal family can make 140 kinds of ‘pulao’.

Royal Recipes India

The book also mentions the extravagant dishes at royal banquets and the favourite dessert of Nur Jehan. Click here to buy this book .

#3 Dastarkhwan-e-Awadh: The Cuisine of Awadh

Awadhi food is especially known for its fine taste and flavour. Awadhi recipes call for particular measurements in prepering their royal recipes. This book especially concentrates of cuisines from the Awadh region of Dastarkhwan. Their royal kitchen were the best craftsmen. Cooking was one of the greatest forms of art.

Writers Sangeeta Bhatnagar and R.K. Saxena have recreated the aroma of the princely days and it is up to you to recreate the royal aroma at your home. 

#4 Flavours Of Avadh: Journey from the Royal Banquet to the Corner Kitchen

Here is another book from Lucknow, the heart of Avadh. Dastarkhwan-e-Awadh: The Cuisine of Awadh takes the reader on a time travel across those days of kings and their royal dishes. Not only was the taste of the food important, but also the way it was prepared, what choicest ingredients were put in and how it was served.


The author  Salma Husain presents sixty delectable royal recipes of Awadh in this beautifully illustrated book. Get it here.

#5 Royal Hyderabadi Cooking

Now it’s time for good old’ Hyderabadi dishes and become the royal ‘khansama’. While good Mughlai dishes are widely available nowadays, it is not the same with Hyderabadi royal recipes. The royal dishes are still kept guarded in the family and you will hardly find these dishes anywhere outside. The good news is you now know how to make them.

Royal Recipes India for Nizams

This book has been penned by master chefs Sanjeev Kapoor and Harpal Singh Sokhi who spent years into research and dedicated more years into perfecting these royal recipes. You can get this book here.

#6 The Jewels of the Nizam

Patthar ka Gosht, Paneer Golkonda, Gajar-Methi ka Salan, Kacche Gosht ki Biryani, Jhinge ka Achaar,  Shahi Tukde and Anokhi Kheer – here is all revealed for you to make wonders in the kitchen.

If cooking is an art, Indian kitchens are the studios of the masters. ‘ The Jewels of the Nizam’ is another book that delves into Hyderabadi cuisine. It also shows how Hyderabadi cuisine is influenced by Mughlai and South Indian flavours. 

#7 The Courtly Cuisine: Kayastha Kitchens Through India

Not many have tasted the delectable dishes of Kayastha kitchens. Kayasthas although cannot be called purely royal but the community held positions of high honour and many were noblemen in the emperor’s courts. Kayasthas were well known because they were highly educated and maintained the accounts and royal administrations. Their cuisine was also no less royal. Many special recipes called for meat and wine and taste delightful.

Royal Recipes India Kayasthas

This book has carefully collected all the wonderful recipes of the Kayasthas across India. The book is well illustrated. Buy this book.

Royal Recipes Of The Buckingham Palace

#8 Royal Teas: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace

Tea is really important for the British. For the British Royal family, having tea is a feast in itself.

Chef Mark Flanagan and his team have spent years in studying and writing this book which tells us about the preparation of ‘tea time’ in the Buckingham Palace. The book is organized by season. It informs the reader about the various tea recipes in various seasons. along with the tea comes mouth watering cookies, cakes and snacks.

Tea and snacks vary by season and occasion. A regular afternoon tea would be different than a picnic day. The book has beautiful pictures that show how much effort is also put into the presentation of the tea and its accompaniments. This book makes a great gift, get it here.

#9 A Royal Cookbook: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace

This book is considered the first book that brings to you the royal recipes from the kitchen of the Buckingham Palace. This book is written by from the insiders Mark Flanagan and Edward Griffiths. Flanagan was the royal chef at the Buckingham Palace and Griffiths is the Deputy Master of the royal household.

Royal Recipes british

The book is full of interesting as well as surprisingly simple recipes. One can see the inclusion of fresh and seasonal vegetables frequently used in the dishes as well as exotic ones. As the royal cuisine tradition runs, food has to be exquisitely bedecked and presented. Hence there is a quite an extensive guide on china, accessories and flowers. Get this book worth a collection here.

#10 The Royal Chef at Home: Easy Seasonal Entertaining

A royal chef turns author again but this time with a more personal touch. Author Darren Mc Grady is a former chef who personally caters to Queen Elizabeth II. He has also personally served Princess Diana and knew her likes and preferences.

Royal Recipes british

Although Darren Mc Grady served in the royal kitchens spending hours to make the perfect dish, this book has a more practical approach. He gives us easier recipes that are perfect for a royal snack, lunch or buffet dinners.

Mc Grady also provides special recipes by festivals. How about a special Easter’s egg roll for kids? Or a royal valentine dinner? You will get it all here. Click here to get the book.

#11 Dinner at Buckingham Palace

This is a rare book that goes deep into the royal cuisine of the Buckingham Palace. If you ever want to truly learn and know about the royal recipes and eating habits  of the British royal family, only then should you get your hands on this book.

The book has been written by Charles ‘Charlie’ Oliver, whose family served the British royal family since the reign of Queen Victoria. His father served and attend the royal family and their guests. He spent a lot of time roaming around the royal kitchens. All this life he served the Queen and the royal family which gave him an expert eye on the royal household.

This book was originally written by him but is a collection from his diaries and notes. His lifelong experiences in the royal household gifts us royal recipes and many priceless stories. You can get this rare book only here.

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