Half Samosa speaks to farmer entrepreneur Sathish, CEO of SalemMango, an enterprise that is connecting farmers’ fresh supply to consumers directly with care and wisdom.

In the age of online shopping when it is so easy to get what we want, the irony is that we are facing a lack of genuine, fresh and purely organic products. Fruits are full of carbide to maintain freshness. Essential food products like cow ghee are sold adulterated. Thus when you find someone who sells fruits and food products grown naturally and prepared pure like the good old days, you have in a way struck gold.

SalemMango is an extremely well trusted online shop physically based in Salem, Tamil Nadu. The founders of the organization are IT guys turned entrepreneurs. We speak to Sathish, Co-Founder & CEO of SalemMango. He was an IT professional but fate brought him back to his family profession of agriculture, which led him to establish SalemMango with his friends.

Today SalemMango is one of the most trusted and valued brands in India. They sell genuinely organic food and grains. The methods to grow and harvest are wise Indian practices which have been our heritage for thousands of years. Their handpicked fresh and luscious mangoes are grown and ripened naturally. Their pure cow and buffalo ghee are prepared by churning the curd as Indians have done through generations. They are also a blessing to simple farming folk who can now sell directly to customers through SalemMango.

Half Samosa is proud to interview online entrepreneur and organic farmer Sathish on his work and life at SalemMango.

Half Samosa: Please tell us how did you get the idea of selling mangoes and then other organic products online?
Sathish: After completed B.E, I was selected in an IT company and was thrown out in six months due to recession. Then after frustrated with trying bank exams and government jobs, I planned to take care of our family business, which was agriculture.

While explaining my decision to my school friend Dinesh Kumar, he encouraged and supported me. He was a software engineer and a specialist in the IT domain. One fine evening in a random talk, I asked him why can’t we send our farm mangoes online to city people where there is lot of adulterants and carbide mangoes. He said yes. That’s it 🙂

SalemMango logo

Half Samosa: When did you start SalemMango?
Sathish: The idea was discussed on May 2016. And after studying the feasibility, we started developing our website and managed to complete it on October 2016. We officially launched the website on November 2016 mango season.

Half Samosa: Please tell us about the start of Salem Mango? Who are the founders, their background, where are they from?
Sathish: SalemMango was started along with two of my old school friends, Dinesh Kumar & Sangeeth Kumar. They both are from agricultural background, are mango farm owners and have worked in IT companies.

SalemMango founders
Farmer entrepreneurs and SalemMango founders Sathish, Sangeeth and Dinesh Kumar

Half Samosa: More organizations also sell organic products. What makes you different than them?
Sathish: SalemMango differs from other organizations in a way that, we prepare, pack & sell our own produce, carefully handled by farmers itself. We follow all the traditional practices that our grandparents used to follow.

Half Samosa: For making of products like ghee or grains, are you using any kind of modern machine or is it primarily handmade and traditional?
Sathish: There is no machinery involved in any of the product preparation and packing. It is all by our farmers and following traditional practices which we used to follow for more than thousands of years.

SalemMango product jaggery
Naatu Sakkarai also known as Organic Country sugar or Organic Brown sugar, from Salem Mango farms is extracted from raw sugarcane without applying any chemicals or addicives. Organic country sugar preserves all the original vitamins and minerals.

Half Samosa: Do you do the growing and harvesting all by yourself or do you get it from others? How do you manage all this?
Sathish: We do all the farming and growing by ourselves. That includes our parents, grandparents, relatives, neighborhood farmers. We have an young and energetic team to handle technical and process management stuff.

Half Samosa: That is truly amazing. Do you want to tell us about any particular product that is special from Salem Mango?
Sathish: Well, every product is special for us. Initially we started with mangoes like Imam Pasand, Malgova, Alphonso. After the tremendous response for mangoes, we expanded it to homemade ghee, country sugar, turmeric etc.

SalemMango Pure Cow Ghee A2
Pure Cow Ghee is the golden medicine of Ayurveda. Cow Ghee is prepared using traditional methods by housewives of their village without using any machinery or adulterant. SalemMango Ghee is made with 100% organic butter acquired from grass-fed cows on small family farms.

Half Samosa: What kind of challenges have you faced in your business till now and how are you managing those?
Sathish: Despite having quality foods in our hands, initially we faced a lot of problems technical-wise, transportation and in marketing it. Believe it or not, I just started using smart phone 8 months ago. High speed 3G internet connection is still a day dream for me in my village.

Half Samosa: What is the motivation or vision behind Salem Mango? How do you see Salem Mango in the next 2 years?
Sathish: Our plan is to connect the people in city who long for natural and quality food. To farmers who produce quality foods in traditional way with better price. We are happy to serve traditional foods to everyone. But unfortunately people in city won’t have time to think about villages like us. So we are sending you the healthy and organic ingredients to cook healthy food which everyone deserves.

SalemMango Pure Buffalo Ghee
SalemMango Pure Buffalo Ghee. Made with 100% organic butter acquired from grass-fed cows on small family farms.

Half Samosa: That is a wonderful vision for SalemMango. Do you have any office or stores offline also?
Sathish: We do not have any stores offline. We have made our home as office. You can get our products online at www.salemmango.com and we ship all over India.

The farmers and entrepreneurs who provide us fresh, organic, unadulterated food products are national as well as global assets. SalemMango is supplying us with wholesome and natural food products that is our basic right. More than that, they have also preserved the Indian wisdom and knowledge of agriculture gained through centuries – and that is truly priceless. We need more companies like SalemMango. We need more Sathish, Sangeeth and Dinesh Kumars.

We really appreciate your humility, wisdom and down to earth attitude . We hope that SalemMango becomes one of the top online sellers not only in India but also globally.

Visit SalemMango and get their fresh products at https://www.salemmango.com

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