Samaresh Majumdar is one of those greatest writers who has single-handedly created an era in Bengali storytelling – and is still – creating.

Born on 10 March 1942, the little Samaresh Majumdar grew up in the beautiful landscape of Dooars and Jalpaiguri. Later he used this amazing landscape as the backdrop his characters. He has captured the imagination of thousands of readers with his detective, Arjun – so much that Jalpaiguri had become synonymous with Arjun!

Samaresh Majumdar is more than a writer – he is a storyteller. We dive with him deep into the characters. His characters come from all group and ages – which only adds to the fact that he is one of the most versatile contemporary writers globally.

Samaresh Majumdar has created many unforgetable characters and they are etched deeply in our hearts – whether it is Animesh and Arka, Dipaboli or Arjun.

His stories span from children to adult genres and truly are too many too list here. Here are only some of the gems of his work listed that has won – and is still winning – the hearts of the Bengali literati.

We hope that more such wonderful stories continue to come – for a long, long time.

The Animesh series

Samaresh Majumdar bengali book author

The Animesh quartet is a series of four books by Samaresh Majumdar. It has been called as one of the finest storytelling and significant literature ever produced.

Animesh Mitra, the protagonist has spent his childhood in Dooars and then moves to Kolkata for higher studies. The story is based on the time Naxalite rebellion was in its high, and Animesh gets involved.

This classic creation was first published as three stories – Uttoradhikar, Kalbela and Kalpurush – and the last part Mousholkal was published almost twenty five years later. He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Prize in 1984 for Kalbela.


Samaresh Majumdar bengali book author

Set again in the tea gardens of Dooars, but this time the protagonist is a woman -Dipaboli. This book and the character has become a masterpiece. The story revolves the life of Dipaboli – her trials, struggles and her life. Saatkahon has been called as one of the Top 100 Bengali books of all time by reviewers.


Samaresh Majumdar bengali book author

Four young people. They have work to do – for the society and he world that is asleep.

How many times readers have forgot that this was just a story? How many times they got emotional? This book changes lifes.

Arjun series

Samaresh Majumdar bengali book author

Detective Arjun is so favourite among young and old alike that people waited for the Pujobarshiki all year to read a new story. He had become Bengal’s next favourite detective after Feluda. Just like Holmes and Feluda, the imagination of the readers had accepted Arjun as a living character. When the train reaches Jalpaiguri, one cannot but wonder if Arjun is here somewhere.

Through Arjun, we also get a beautiful description of the jungles and forests of North Bengal. Serene and adventurous, he created the perfect dreamy hero.

And we are still waiting for dreamily for the next story!