Book review of Can you keep a secret
Author:  Sophie Kinsella

I feel all agitated, like one of those snow globes. I was perfectly happy being an ordinary, dull little Swiss village. But now Jack Harper’s come and shaken me up, and there are snowflakes all over the place, whirling around, not knowing what they think any more. And bits of glitter, too. Tiny bits of shiny, secret excitement.

Disclaimer – Please refrain from reading this book in a public place as it will cause you to go into mad fits of laughter and may make people think you are mad. Read this book out of anyone’s hearing or even sight.

Emma Corrigan has secrets.

I’m not talking about big, earth-shattering secrets. Not the-president-is-planning-to bomb-Japan-and-only-Will-Smith-can-save-the-world type secrets. Just normal, everyday little secrets.

Everyday little secrets sound so innocent, right? But what will happen if you blur out all your everyday little secrets to a total stranger? Not much, since he is a stranger. But what if that total stranger turns out to be your boss? Well, then it can becomes a whole different matter altogether, especially when the aforementioned little secrets range from your most intimate details about your family and relationships to the fact that you forged a part of your CV to get your current job.

This nightmarish situation is exactly what Emma Corrigan, our novel’s protagonist, with several everyday little secrets, finds herself into. After blurring out all her secrets to a total stranger on a flight, she finds out the total stranger to be her boss, Jack Harper.

Emma’s perfectly ordinary life gets totally topsy turvy with the entrance of Jack Harper, a man who knows all her secrets. Like how she pretends to read business journals but hides celebrity magazines inside them or loves sweet sherry (the least cool drink in the world), how her Kate Spade bag is a fake and how she hates the coffee machine at her office. Jack Harper is her boss, and he knows everything about her. A highly embarrassing situation for Emma presents a super hilarious tale for the readers.

Can you keep a secret has it all. It has an interesting plot, humorous situations, likable characters, some unlikable and despicable characters and a cute love story. But the best part of the novel is the dialogues (especially Emma’s interior monologues). Her interior monologues are so hilarious that they would make you laugh out loud. As the novel follows a first person narration, with Emma as the narrator, we get to go inside Emma’s head and witness all her crazy thoughts first hand.

Emma’s character is the funniest character ever. She is so very relatable that almost every girl can relate with her. Emma is the girl who writes out exercise routines, then ignores them. She buys all her clothes from thrift shops and pretends they are new, she weighs 135 pounds, but pretends she weighs 125. Then she talks to herself inside her head, thinks a little bit too much, worries what people will think of her, does not understand big, technical words. She is a marketing assistant but has no idea what the word logistical means.

Logistical. What does that mean, again? Oh God. What if they ask me? Don’t be stupid, Emma. They won’t suddenly demand, ‘What does logistical mean?’ I’m a fellow marketing professional, aren’t I? Obviously I know these things. And anyway, if they mention it again I’ll change the subject. Or I’ll say I’m post-logistical or something.

And she secretly believes that a whole new exciting world is waiting for her. She is basically you and me. Reading the novel through her narration feels like seeing your own reflection in a mirror.

Jack Harper starts of as a very likable character but then kind of goes downhill. He breaks Emma’s trust (without meaning to) and the reason he gives for that is that he got a little carried away, which is like saying Hitler was a tad aggressive. But, everything pans out well by the end he more or less redeems himself. We don’t get deprived of the quintessential happy ending.


108_Chick-lit novels are like cupcakes; sweet, sugary and creamy. They are not good for your heath but all the same, make you happy every time you have them. They are the book equivalence of rom-com movies, with a little less emphasis on the romance part and more emphasis on the growth and development of the female protagonist.

No one does the chick-lit genre quite like Sophie Kinsella. Reading her novel is like a therapy. When the world seems too much, they come handy in providing a little comic relief in our lives. Her novels are always fun to read and can brighten up a dull day like nothing else. And Can you keep a secret is no different. Reading this novel is like going on a laughter riot. With a fun plot, cute and quirky characters and rib tickling dialogues, this novel is perfect to lift up anyone’s mood.