Bodh is one of the poems penned by Jibanananda Das decades ago. Soumitra Chattopadhyay brings it again to life through his marvelous recitation.

Bengali literature has been blessed with great poets and writers. No wonder Bengali is considered among the richest languages. Among the great masters of the pen, Jibanananda Das is a foremost example.

However, Jibanananda Das is quite an enigma for us. His recognition spread far and wide, and he was being referred as Bengal’s greatest modern poet and even its best loved poet. He was perhaps the poet who carried the torch after Tagore. But in the core of himself, Jibanananda was a shy person. Despite his success as a poet, he chose not to publish numerous of his poems and short stories.

Jibanananda spent his life living alone and even his death is shrouded with mystery. However the great master has left behind a superb legacy with his creations.  These creations are still enriching millions of souls every day.

Listen to the masterpiece here.

Soumitra Chattopadhyay is another gem to our Bengali literati. A man of many facets and an artist extraordinaire, he has been stirring our soul since decades. He is an old hand when it comes to acting, a master poet and a maestro at recitation. Such a persona in the society uplifts the cultural standards manifold.

Enjoy his recitation of the poem Bodh written by Jibanananda Das.

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