In 1964, Satyajit Ray was requested to make a short film by the Esso World Theater. They wanted this short film for a larger audience, although made in Bengali.

Satyajit Ray, the genius that he was, instead opted to make a ‘wordless’ one. His short film was named ‘Two A Film Fable’.

Using only sound of toys and background music, he went beyond language. He  delivered something language cannot explain, but also everyone can understand.

Two has been hailed as one of the finest creations of Satyajit Ray. This 12-minute short film has been preserved in the archives of the Oscars Academy to showcase to the world the art of film making.

Two is a story of two boys – a rich and a poor kid who are neighbours. The film delivers meaning at various layers. Each time you see, you would see something different. Somewhat, it is like a mirror that reflects your frame of mind. Words cannot express how much effort and contemplation go into making even a 12-minute film. On top of that, Satyajit Ray also composed the stirring music of this short film.

According to the Oscar archives, after the master received the Honorary Oscar in 1992, they wanted to preserve his works. Like many films, only three copies of ‘Two’ was found, that too in dilapidated condition. It was filmed on 16 mm, that is, for television. With the help of the Austrian Film Museum, a restoration was made possible of both the video and audio.

“Now, audiences everywhere can see this obscure gem, preserved by the Academy Film Archive, from master filmmaker Satyajit Ray.”

Here is Satyajit Ray’s short film ‘Two’ for you.

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At the Oscars

Here is another valuable footage of the day the master Satyajit Ray was bestowed the Oscar. Audrey Hepburn, the great actress and a wonderful human being, presented the Honorary Oscar to him. Satyajit Ray was however not able to be present due to his failing health. His presence was however made on screen in Los Angeles from Kolkata.

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