Many people like to have short trip during the holidays instead of a long one. If you are looking for a simple place to spend a night or two in the lap of nature without too much of travel or packing or worrying about tickets, Garhpanchkot is your destination.

Situated at the foothill of Panchakot or the Panchet hill in the Purulia District, it is very close to Burdwan and the nearby state of Jharkhand.

It is ideal to spend two nights there if you love forests and trees and ample of fresh oxygen that will rejuvenate you.  You take long idle walks in the pleasant weather of October which is neither too warm nor cold. You can also try trekking in the rocky hillsides.

Garhpanchkot forestThis is a spot which is far from the noise of the city yet not too desolate. There are some remnants of old forts that make a good photo shoot. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset from your guesthouse and watch the birds chirping around. Overall, a short and budget friendly destination with lush greenery all around.

Garhpanchkot is a wonderful spot to visit all around the year. It gets around 7-8 degrees in winters but it is delight to bask in the sun all day and roam in the hills and forests. Summer time can get a bit uncomfortable but the evenings and nighttime is very pleasant.

Garhpanchkot roadHow to go

    • Garhpanchkot is about 252 kms from Kolkata by road.
    • According to West Bengal Forest Development Corporation, you can take road via Asansol from Kolkata. It is 25 km from Adra, 19 km from Barakar via Chirkunda , 14 km from Kumardubi via Chirkunda and 34 km from Asansol via Deshergarh and 65 km from Purulia. It is 1 km from Puapurmore.
    • There are bus services from Esplanade, say you can take a Volvo bus to Asansol and then take a car from there. If you have a booking with the hotel they generally send a vehicle for pick-up.

  • Nearby railway stations are Asansol, Adra, Kumardubi and Barakar.
  • It is always to better to book your room beforehand. Also if you are in a group, you can also try taking a car from Kolkata to Garhpanchkot if it fits your budget.
  • There are some hotels in Garhpanchkot and you can find their  details for booking online. There is also a good staying option at the WBFDC Tourist Hut.Garhpanchkot hotel

What to see

  • Beautiful sightseeing on hills and valleys. Greenery all around. The hilltop offers picturesque and panoramic view of the land.  The sunrise and sunset on the hills are truly a treat to your heart and soul.
  • Visit the ancient Garpanchkot Garh, these are remnanats of the Singh deo dynasty. There are also a few very old terracotta temples.
  • Birinchinath remple – An old Shiva Temple surrounded by forests situatedc on the southern slope of the Panchet hill.

Garhpanchkot tourism

  • Visit the Panchet dam on Damodar river and its reservior. Bird watching on Panchet dam is a good option. The sunset from that spot should not be missed.
  • There is also the Maithon Dam some distance away from there. Near to the Maithon dam is the hundred year old Kalyaneshwari temple.