Feng shui is more than Oriental way of placing things. It is a logic based approach and shares similar logic as Vastu Shashtra in India. Understanding of energy, magnetic pathways and how our mind and well-being is affected through our surroundings – feng shui is an integrated study of these subjects and more.

Feng shui will help you to cure blocks and to create an abundant environment – both at home and in office.  Here are some simple and easy feng shui tips to apply in your space for wealth and abundance energy.

Clear clutter

feng shui clutter Clutter is bane to our progress. Unwanted, old, worn out, untidy stuff add to clutter and bring down the energy of the environment. We tend to keep old documents or medical reports which are of no practical use but keep us reminding of our ordeals will continue to attract such and it is better to be wise and let go.

Clutter can also be electronic like your old computer files and emails. Clear clutter so that you make space for new things in life.

Decluttering is very difficult for some people but with time, you will get used to it and enjoy the benefits of it.

Freshen your home

feng shui homeIt is extremely vital to detoxify and freshen up your home on a regular basis. Stop using harmful chemicals like bleaching powder and acids. Bring home the organic products. This way not only will you be pumping out less harmful things into the earth but also keep your home detoxified. Check your fridge for more organic and fresher food. Use herbal shampoos and soaps.

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Check doors and windows

feng shui roomThis is where fresh energy from the universe is flowing into your home or workplace. Make sure it is clean and lighted. Check the curtains and blinds to take off any accumulated dust and dirt. Not only do you stop the accumulation of germs in your home but also let natural flow in. Let plenty of fresh air and sunshine come in at least 4-5 hours a day.

Have plants

feng shui plantsThere are many plants which grow indoor without a hassle. Money plants are commonly grown indoors for money and good luck. Apart from bringing fresh oxygen into your home, it also a good defense against radiation emitted from all our electrical and electronic devices.  Plants are a symbol of staying grounded and also give you peace of mind.


feng shui cleanThere are many things which we buy and then we don’t use. Or things that we are bored of using. Instead of adding it to the clutter of your home, give it someone who might have a better use for it. Give it without expectations.  Make sure you feel good about it and let it go.

Not only this is a very good way to simplify your life but also it will help you make space for better and newer things.

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Take good care of where you keep Your Money

feng shui moneyIs your purse torn? How do you keep your rupee notes – crunched and folded? Is your change lying around in a chaotic way?

Abundant people love and respect money. If you see their purse, they keep their notes straight and clean, aligned with the denominations. Change is kept in a smaller compartment neatly. The purse is well maintained. In other words, your purse should reflect you.


feng shui aromaBeauty and fragrance of flowers is a sign of nature’s inherent abundance and well-being. Keep fresh flowers at home (throw away dried and wilted ones), and try to avoid plastic or artificial ones. A home filled with beautiful fragrance will always attract splendor, wealth and happiness. Light incense to uplift the atmosphere in your space.

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Beautify your home and workplace

feng shui officeDo not keep that best bed cover or that nice pen for the special occasions. Give yourself first, make yourself feel special. Self-worth is apparent wealth. You do not have to go over the top, keep it simple but beautiful.
Beauty at workplace will attract more wealth and success.
Sleep in soft clean sheets, keep your home as much beautiful and lovely as possible, and let the universe reflect it back to you.

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