Why smartphone is creating trauma and stress in kids

Have you try to take away a smartphone from a kid? Chances are that you are going to be in the receiving end of a wail and cry. Scientists are getting increasingly worried.

Children get easy access to smart phones in almost every household. While the harmful EMF radiations are responsible for bringing many health threats, researchers from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have found more bad news.

Researchers found that when kids are separated from a smart phone, it leads to signs of mental disorder.  The symptoms are similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Scientists have attached heart monitors to the subjects. The ones that were not allowed to access their phone or separated from their phones displayed heartbeat patterns which are associated with PTSD.

Kids can show stress and even act as if they are responding to a ‘trauma’ when their smart phones are taken away. They may shout, scream and want the phone back.

More signs are fidgeting and scratching, which are signs of stress. Such children will get restless and agitated – or worse, will remain in such a state unless the smart phone is returned to them.

But PTSD has a serious implication.

PTSD develops in those people who have actually experienced a shocking, scary or dangerous event – like an accident or the death of a family member. Soldiers who return from a violent war display signs of PTSD. It is normal in these cases to show PTSD as these are truly traumatic conditions.

For most people it can take six months or more to recover from PTSD. However, in some this disorder becomes chronic and a psychiatrist has to be consulted on it.

Researchers recommend more awareness on the part of the parents. While parents race to keep their child ‘updated’ by handing them a smartphone, they are also responsible for their mental health.

Proper parental guidance and some common sense can save a child’s life.