If you are looking for nice destinations for a solo trip from Kolkata, you are a true wanderlust. There is a special charm in travelling alone, without the need for companions. There is a particular sense of freedom one enjoys in these solo trips.

However solo trips do have challenges but with a little know how, you could choose the best destinations for a trip all by yourself. We are here to help you choose some of the best destinations.

Best Destinations For A Solo Journey

As we tell you about the places good for a singly trip, please do read this fully. Below we give you tips on how to plan a solo trip like a breeze.


Darjeeling is definitely one of the best places for a solo trip from Kolkata. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year, majority of them being travellers from Kolkata.

Travel by train to NJP or take a flight to Bagdogra. Transport is easily available. For solo travellers, it is best to avoid going by road but if you do want to, book a reputed AC bus runner. Female solo travellers also get an option to choose from female-only seats.

Darjeeling is quite safe for tourists. Regarding the night time, it will be better to stay indoors at night and anyway Darjeeling does put its shutter down by 8 pm to 9 pm and there is nothing to do or see outside. Wake up early, enjoy the beautiful morning. Go watch the sunrise from the view point. If  you are lucky, you can also catch a glimpse of the heavenly Kanchenjunga.

Destinations Best For A Solo Trip From Kolkata Darjeeling

Have a piping hot breakfast at Glenary’s or Keventer’s. One of the best things about a solo trip is that you plan your own time. If you like photography, you can spend as much time you want to get that perfect shot and nobody gets bored.

Pick a good rated hotel in Darjeeling, preferably one which has been visited before. Ask your hotel to pick you up from the station or airport. If you plan to sight-see, try to join a touring party instead of venturing alone.

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Baramangwa Farmhouse

Baramangwa Farmhouse is one place that makes you feel as safe as home. Nice people, homely food and the quietness of mountains – makes it perfect for a solo trip. Generally, most of the visitors are the ones who come back every year as they have fallen in love with the place.

Places For A Solo Trip From Kolkata Baramangwa

One special quality of the people here is that they are absolutely honest and simple minded. Tourists often leave their room unlocked as they know it is probably safer than home here.

Baramangwa Farmhouse is ideal for those travellers who want total peace in the midst of nature. There is no television in the rooms but the rooms provide such beautiful views of the hills that watching TV would be a foolish thing to do. There are no ACs because there is no need. The weather is pleasantly cold but never freezing.

Walk around the mountain trails and watch farmers quietly tilling their lands and kids walking miles down to school.

You can read more about Baramangwa Farmhouse here. As you book, also request them to send a car to pick you up from New Jalpaiguri (NJP) station or Bagdogra airport. This is definitely one of the best destinations for a solo trip from Kolkata.

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Shantiniketan is a land of art and culture. It has its own share of charms and also wooded areas to explore.

Shantiniketan Bolpur is considered generally a safe area for a solo trip. The locals are well behaved and hard working people. If you visit a haat you will find a lot to buy and click for.

Best Places For A Solo Trip From Kolkata Shantiniketan

Choose a reputed resort or a government owned lodge to stay. Before travelling to any remote area, check with the local guide.

By the rule of thumb, cities and towns that are based on tourism are hardly ever unsafe. Most of the ruckus is generally created by the visitors themselves.

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Mayapur has recently emerged as a heritage tourism hotspot. It has grandly built temples and horticultured areas. The architecture and painting in the temples is very eye-catching.

Places For A Solo Trip From Kolkata Mayapur

One of the biggest attractions of Mayapur is the prasad. The temple serves cakes and sweets but you should go for the lunch at the temple. Get a ticket and wait for your turn in the huge lunch hall. They serve steaming hot rice with delicious vegetarian dishes.

While in Mayapur you can also watch the meeting point of the Jalangi and Bhagirathi rivers. You may also take a short boat ride there. If you plan to stay overnight, book at any ISKCON lodge or at the temple ashram which is generally the safest.

As Mayapur is visited by many foreign tourists, security is quite good here which makes it great for a solo trip from Kolkata. You can travel by train or by road. By road, you can take an AC bus which will be safer and quicker.

Another route to Mayapur is by luxury ferry cruise. The river tourism is sprucing up and we can look forward to this kind of travel in future.

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Out of all the sea beach destinations in West Bengal, Mandarmani is ideally suited for a solo traveller. Once-great destinations like Digha is overrun by ill-behaved tourists and drunkenness, making it unsafe especially for female travellers. Comparatively, Mandarmani remains unspoilt.

Beach Places For A Solo Trip From Kolkata Mandarmani

The best part of Mandarmani is its long, long beach. That is why most hotels are situated along the sea, giving the tourists a view of the sea from their rooms.

Mandarmani has many hotels to choose from a range of budget. As a solo traveller choose one with a good review or reputation. You can also enjoy the sea at night from the hotel area. If you want to enjoy walking on the beach at night stay near your hotel area, do not wander away far. As the high tide sets in and the beach is not lighted, it could get dangerous if you get stuck or get bitten by a crab or jellyfish.

One of the best ways to travel to Mandarmani is by the AC bus which has lesser stops and reaches in the least time. Females can also get ladies seat facility in AC buses as available. You can also travel by local train and get down at Contai. Ask your hotel to send a car to pick you up.

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If you are pining for the forests, Murti is one of the best destinations for a solo trip from Kolkata. Murti is one location that is ideal to explore the Gorumara and Chapramari National parks.

The definitely best place to stay in Murti is the forest bungalow run by WBFDC, better known as Murti Banani. Murti Banani is very safe for travellers, just choose any room in the main bungalow. Do not choose the standalone huts or cottages which are otherwise great for groups or couples. You can know all room and booking details of WBFDC Murti Banani here.

Best Places For A Solo Trip From Kolkata WBFDC Murti Banani Forest Bungalow

WBFDC Murti Banani sits at a wonderful location just beside the Murti river, a clear Himalayan waterway. The place is very serene and all you can hear is the call of peacocks.

The food quality and rooms are impressive. You can book your safaris at the hotel counter, which is a great advantage.

To reach WBFDC Murti Banani, take a train to NJP or a flight to Bagdogra. Ask for a pick up from the hotel. You can also take book a car to the bungalow, in that case, book a prepaid taxi from the station or airport.

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Rajbaris / Heritage stays

West Bengal has seen its days of glory during the zamindar days with beautiful estates. Now the days of heritage stays are here.

Rajbari Heritage stays Best Places For A Solo Trip From Kolkata women

Rajbaris and heritage stays make one of the best options for a solo trip. The reason is simple. The heritage stays maintain a benchmark of culture and conduct. In house drinking is not allowed in most of these thus ridding off the issue of drunk tourists creating any problem.

These rajbaris and heritage stays are generally maintained by the members themselves who may reside at the other portions of the palaces. Therefore they would personally want a safe and decent environment.

Rajbaris and heritage stays serve delicious ethnic Bengali food in the zamindari way. The rooms are filled with things of the past rulers that make it very interesting. Surrounded by lawns and  gardens, you can also click some beautiful memories for the keeps. Know more about the best rajbaris and heritage stays of West Bengal here.

How To Plan A Good Solo Trip 

Most of us feel that solo trips may not be safe. However it is partly true. Here are some tips to plan your next solo trip from Kolkata.

Solo Trip From Kolkata dos and do nots

# Do some research before you go. Thanks to the internet, there are reviews and recommendations from thousands of fellow travellers. Read about hotels, food and best way of transport. Then book it.

# Use public transport. Solo travellers should preferably choose public transport. It will cut the cost and it is safer too.

# Do not carry expensive jewel/stuff showing around. This is actually applicable for all tourists. As travellers to new places, do not attract unwanted attention by wearing expensive jewellery or accessories. As you carry cash and take your wallet out to pay, do not keep all your money there in one place. A heavy wallet attracts unwanted attention. Keep most of your cash in your backpack so that you do not have bring it out every time.

# Beware of the over-friendly. While you travel, do meet people and make new friends but beware of the overfriendly. Do not trust anyone too much just because you have known him or her for a day tour. Avoid going to unknown places without asking your guide or hotel.

# INFORM. This is one of the most important points that people miss. Before you leave, inform your family, friend or any trusted someone in the right way.  What is this right way? Remember a little safety goes a long way.

  1. Give him or her a copy of your plane, train or bus tickets. The point is that if needed they can see the date of travel, PNR or such relevant information. If you are booking a car, make sure you give them the number of the car, name and contact of driver and the contact of the booking agency.
  2. Give them the booking receipt of the hotel/s where they can get the name, address and contact number.
  3. If you have something adventurous in mind like hiking, let them know the route and date of travel. It does seem a little work here, but it saves a lot of headache if you plan it well.

# Do not get involved. Do not get involved in any fistfights or badmouthing. Surprising but true, a lot of tourists do it quite often. If you are asking for facilities or complaining, do it in a firm but decent way. Do not use foul language or sarcasm, it does not work. If you have trouble from other tourists, inform the hotel or guide to solve it for you. Tourism is a serious industry and generally hoteliers are active to help you out. If it does not work, move away. You have come to enjoy yourself and focus on that.

# Do your bookings beforehand. A solo trip from Kolkata or with companions, as much possible, do your bookings beforehand so that you can have a smooth and tension-free journey. After booking, always call the hotel or agent up to confirm if they have received your booking.

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Solo Female Travel From Kolkata 

If you are a female traveller looking to travel singly you can consider all of these destinations mentioned above. These destinations are not gender specific but broadly good destinations for those who like to travel singly. If you follow the tips for a safe travel, you will surely make a great solo traveller.

Solo Trip From Kolkata women

Travelling is one of the greatest experiences one can ever have. This does not have to stop because of nasty people or reasons. As the age old saying goes, when in Rome, do as Romans do. Be flexible, and adjust yourself according to the place when it is needed. To be a good traveller, solo or not, is to respect local culture and not judge it. The more you travel, the more street smart one becomes. You will automatically understand if that dark alley is safe to traverse or not.

Travel – with friends, family or by yourself – but do. However, we all need a solo trip. It is a immense way to discover oneself.

Need more tips for a solo trip? Here is a helpful video.

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