This Soumitra Chatterjee song covers all that is Durgotsav

You can call it the Bengali’s happy song on Durgotsav. Right from the pandal making to the arrival of the Devi idol, it seems like Durgotsav is all about joy. People are finally coming home and enjoying the time together. In addition there is so much to be done. So many items have to be arranged for the rituals. Most noteworthy, the anticipation of the festival is as exciting as the festival itself. The music video of O Thakur tells it all here.

Soumitra Chatterjee is the added bonus. He is extremely adored and revered as the grandfather, probably as much as real life.
The song is from the Bengali movie Belaseshe. Anindya Chatterje made the lyrics and music for this song. Upal Sengupta, Prashmita Paul and as well as Anindya Chatterjee have sung this song. Enjoy the beautiful song and video.

Durgotsav is celebrated with zest all over the nation. Probably every year, Sudarshan Pattnaik creates a wonderful sand art on this occasion. Most of all, there is an interesting facet of Durgotsav in Orissa. It is seen inside the Jagannath Temple complex, precisely at the Bimala temple. The Bimala temple is a Shaktipeeth and one of the four most important ones.

Durgotsav is actually a six day event for the Bengalis. It initiates on Mahalaya. But most of all the  festivities are on Maha Sashti, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Maha Dashami. Also for the ones who are doing Navaratri, it goes on for nine days. This probably makes the festival one of the longest celebrations in the world.

durgotsav sand art

Durgotsav is a longer festival in Nepal. In Nepal, it is called as Dashain.  Like Bengal, it is also the longest and the most awaited festival of the nation. It is celebrated for fifteen days in the month of Ashvin. It stretches from the new moon to the full moon period. The avatars of the Devi are worshipped with as much pomp and show as it is done in Durgotsav.

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