There are some things no one can do better than Soumitra Chattopadhyay. Recitation is one of them.

The legendary Soumitra Chattopadhyay is a living heritage in itself. But most relevant, he has kept our cultural heritage alive. His recitation work in Rabindranath’s poetry has touched millions of hearts. His work in theatre has kept the art alive.

Here in this video we see Soumitra Chattopadhyay recite Rabi Thakur’s soulful poem. He has put such compassion and emotion that we feel this is exactly how the master poet would have wanted it himself. What a work of art it all is!

This recitation clip is less than 2 minutes and it is enough to touch your heart and make one moved to tears.

Here are the words of this beautiful poem –

Milaner prothom din e banshi ki bolechilo
Se bolechilo
Sei manush amar kache elo je manush amar buk e elo

Aar banshi bolechilo
dhorleo jake dhora jaena
takey dhorechi
peleo sohol pawa ke je chariye jae
takey pawa gelo

Tarpore o roj banshi baje na keno
Kenona adkhana kotha bhulechi
sudhu mone roilo se kache

kintu se je dureo ta kheyal roilo na
prem er je aadkhanar milan sei tei dekhi
Je aadhkhanae biroho se chokhe pore na
Tai durer chiro triptiheen dekhata aar dekha jae na

Gaache path ta aral koreche
Dui manush er majhe je ashim akash
Sekhane sob chup sekhane kotha chole na

Sei mosto chup ke banshir sur diye bhorie dite hoe
Ananta akasher phaand na pele banshi baaje na

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