• There are two kinds of aquariums that you can keep – a heated and a non-heated one.  A non-heated or cold aquarium is easier to set up and maintain. However, you can keep more varieties of fish in the heated aquarium. Some fishes will survive only in a heated aquarium whereas cold aquarium fishes will die if you keep them in a heated one. So do not mix these up.
  • Never ever keep fish in a bowl. It is cruel and inhuman.

fish colourful

  • One of the most common fishes that we like to have is the goldfish. We love how it rules the aquarium with its bright colours, dreamy tails and befitting size. The good thing about a goldfish is that you can keep it in a cold and heated aquarium provided the conditions are right.  These are hardy fishes and easy to maintain. The ideal temperature for it is 15 to 25 degree Celsius.
  • But they are messy fishes. They produce a lot of ammonia. At least ten percent of the water has to be replaced every week. You must also treat the water with a dechlorinator periodically.
  • Goldfish can be bullies towards the other fish in your aquarium. So if you keep goldfish with others, keep an eye on its behavior. Make sure it is not eating away your smaller fishes.  So for beginners it may get difficult to maintain a goldfish at times.

fish molly

  • One of the mistakes people make is to keep opposite fishes together. Like molly and gold together. We tend to miss the fact that in nature every fish is not found is every river or the same water body. Goldfish is a fresh water fish whereas mollies are primarily brackish. Brackish means salt water, like the oceans. Plus goldfish can get very aggressive towards mollies. They will bite and tear the fin if it is too big to be eaten. Generally goldfish grow quite fast and they tend up eating up the mollies later.

fish tetra

  • If you would like to have a quiet well behaved member in the aquarium go for black tetra. It is very peaceful and can well adjust even if there are many more fishes. They live well in fresh and brackish water. They will also breed and give lots of baby fish.

fish aquarium plant

  • Make sure there is adequate vegetation along with the fish food for your aquarium. Due to lack of food, the bigger ones tend to eat up their baby fish.
  • Do not over-feed your fish. It is one of the most common mistakes people make. The fish will finish off whatever you give them to eat. This usually leads them to overeat and die.

fish india discus

  • For hotter climates like in India, discus is very well suited. These beautiful looking fish will stay healthy even in a varied difference in temperature.
  • Guppies make great fish for the beginners. These are cheaper to buy and easy to maintain. Plus they also reproduce fast.
  • Do not keep frogs or turtles in the aquarium. Not only is it difficult to maintain but is also cruel to keep them in a space that is comparatively smaller for them to live. Plus they will also eat your fishes. Even if not eaten, the fins will get bitten. Most fishes can usually regrow the fins but it is stressful for the fish.
  • Keeping an aquarium feels great. One can spend hours watching these aquatic beauties. But it is also our responsibility to maintain these aquatic creatures which are dependent on us. So always start with a few fish and keep them well. You can always add more fish in time when your aquarium has turned into a healthy mini-ecosystem with time.

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