“Ma…bheeje matir sugondho asche..”

Yes..I was a kid who loved the air filled with the pleasant petrichor .

It could take me to a whole new dimension where the world would seem a better place to live in.

Rain meant something which would be a golden chance for me to sneak out of the house run into the garden and stay there for hours admiring the beauty of god’s creation. The butterflies dancing together collecting the nectar of the flowers, the birds chirruping, the clattering of the raindrops on the windows. The slow paced snails, the centipede, the millipede, the leeches – yes they are considered to be very creepy creatures – but to a small kid they have always been amusing. And to me they still are.

rain girls enjoying

But what’s not same is my excitement for the rainy season.
I don’t get the same feeling I used to get when I was a small kid. Earlier the only concern during the season was of falling sick. But now it has reached up to a whole new level.

As days passed more tiers of worry kept opening up.

In the preceding time going to school always meant walking and splashing water all the way through but now it was all about how my mother would carry me and hold the umbrella over my head so that I won’t fall ill and my sister walking with us in that waterlogged area holding her shoes in one hand and water bottle in another. This was the condition of the people who could still afford the basic amenities but what about those who live on the streets. Its beyond my imagination that what all water borne diseases they must be having. All this pains me.

The potholes on the road lead to severe accidents.
Uncountable number of people have lost their loved ones to these accidents. The bike skids on the way or people fall due to the slipperiness of the roads or due to these potholes.

Despite of the presence of all road safety measures there are still mishappenings.
Growing up taught me to look at everything in a different way. I now don’t have that innocent look for perceiving things anymore.

Bob Dylan rightly said that “behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.”
In this case with the beauty of the nature comes the pain that it causes to some.

The most horrendous experience I had was of eve teasing. you must be thinking that what does this have to do anything with monsoon.

Well it actually has.

Has anyone of you ever wondered that what is so special if a teenage girl is enjoying rain just like any other human being here on this planet.

rain girls enjoying

Why does she have to become a pawn for those filthy minded people?
Why is it necessary to pass lewd comments on her?
Why do the aunties passing by think it’s right to give her a lecture on moral values?
Being a girl I also faced the same.
All these experiences made me look at the season with a very different perspective.

I still love the sweet smell of the mud when the rain drops fall on it.

I still am a kid at heart but I prefer to enjoy the season by staying inside curled up inside the sheets to keep myself warm, holding a book in my hand and with a hot cup of coffee lying on my side table.

With time everything did change.
My thinking about everything has a wide aspect now. I see things differently.

It’s truly said that every coin has two faces. In life there are many faces and not just two.

rain girls umbrella pink

P.S- rainy season is not only a season but an emotion. It can mean anything to anybody. It can be good it can be bad but it definitely means something to everyone out there. This is my story. You might be having your own different one. Your way of looking at things will be different than mine.

Don’t let my experiences come in way of your feelings.


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