Birds are one of the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature. We are lucky to live on planet earth that is home to birds of innumerable shades and hues. Actually it is difficult to pick the most beautiful birds from so many attractive avians.

To tell the truth, each flora and fauna is created to perfection by nature. Each colour, each stroke is with purpose which could be survival, camouflage or attraction. What is amazing is that nature is the master at aesthetics plus practicality.

There are too many amazing birds out there in this world to know those all. But here are some of the most beautiful birds we have been impressed with. We love their vibrant colours and catchy feathers. Here are some of the most beautiful birds found on our planet:

#1 Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon is commonly found across the Andaman and Nicobar islands of India and across the Malay Archipelago. This gorgeous pigeon is rich in iridescent colours that sparkle in direct sunlight. This is a big sized bird compared to the standard pigeon, measuring about 16 inches in length.


Nicobar Pigeon is closely related to the extinct dodo bird and like it, these birds are prevalent to islands. The unique colour and luminosity of the Nicobar Pigeon makes it one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

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#2 Mandarin Duck
Endemic to the far-east regions of China to Russia, the Mandarin Duck is a delight to the eyes. It is filled with too many colours to count. However just like the peacock, it is the male of the species that gets all the decoration.

most beautiful birds

The Mandarin Duck is called the best looking duck in the world. It has been painted in the Chinese and Japanese culture as its rich colours have also won the hearts of artists. No wonder it makes it to the list of top 20 most beautiful birds in the world. These birds can also fly remarkably well.

#3 Victoria Crowned Pigeon
This beautiful bird carries its crown on its head all the time! The Victoria crowned pigeon has such an amazing head full of decoration that it would rival a peacock. This rare pigeon is only found in the forests of New Guinea and it shares its name with the British ruler, Queen Victoria.

most beautiful birds

The shade of the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is also very unique. Many fashion designers use these amazing feather colours of nature as an inspiration to create their own designs.

#4 Horned Sungem
In the jungles of South America, we find this very unique looking bird. Horned Sungem has, what it looks like, horns.

most beautiful birds

This little hummingbird has two cleverly placed feathers that give an illusion of having horns. However, these horns are only adorned by the males along with a brighter plumage than the females.

#5 Gouldian Finch
This Australian bird is too adorable and colourful to believe one’s eyes. It has so many colours on its body that it is also called the Rainbow finch. These beautiful birds are closely related to India’s munia bird and sparrows.

most beautiful birds

Gouldian Finch is becoming endangered due to its high demand of keeping it as a pet. Steps have been taken to preserve this wonderful being.

#6 Golden Pheasant
This showy bird is originally from China but after its introduction to England about a century ago, it is now common throughout many parts of Europe. The Golden pheasant’s rich plumage is absolutely unique. Very rarely do we see the golden hue so much in nature.

most beautiful birds

Golden Pheasant population is quite safe. However it is not easy to spot these in the forest. Fortunately most zoos will have one of these birds. So plan a trip to your local zoo soon.

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#7 Indian Peacock
The peacock is the National Bird of India and probably the most elegant bird out there in nature. It has the biggest feathers and a show of a ‘dancing peacock’ with its feathers spread open is an unforgettable experience.

most beautiful birds

Peacocks are considered sacred in India and worshipped. When the peacock drops his feathers, it was used since ancient times as a pen or to use for sacred tasks.

#8 Rainbow Lorikeet
The Rainbow lorikeet is one of the most vibrant birds on planet earth. Found in Australia, these are actually parrots with an excess of hues.

most beautiful birds

There is a healthy population of Rainbow lorikeets and is not threatened. However, pet trade is a danger to this bird. People want to keep this bird because of its rich colours.

#9 Turaco
The Touraco is found across the evergreen forests to the savannah in Africa. There are about 18 species of this adorable avian. Their colours can vary from red, green, blue, yellow, violet and brown.

most beautiful birds

Turacos are also popular pet birds. In captivity these can live more than thirty years of age. Turacos love to eat bananas, grapes and papaya. A pet Turaco is quite friendly and can also be hand fed.

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#10 Macaws
This list would be incomplete without macaws. These big parrots from the American continent are an absolute delight to watch. There are 19 species of macaw – which means 19 gorgeous type of birds.

most beautiful birds

Macaws come in all colours. There is the Scarlet Macaw in bright red and yellow, the Hyacinth macaw in beautiful blue. The Buffon Macaw in bright green, blue and red and is one of the biggest macaw found. Then there is the Military macaw which gets its name from its military green body.

#11 Toucans and hornbills
Although they belong to different families, for most of us toucan and hornbill are almost the same. They both have those big prominent beaks, beautiful wings and amazing colours.

most beautiful birds

Both toucans and hornbill light up the jungle with their vibrance and calls. Making home in the tree cavities, these birds will fed on fruits, eggs and to small animals like mice. Toucans are prevalent in Central and South America. Hornbills can be commonly found across Asia and in many parts of Africa.

#12 Flamingo
Birds that are dependent on water are blessed with a grace. Birds like storks and cranes fascinate us. One of the most beautiful wading birds is the flamingo. These long legged beauties are also known for their beautiful shade of pink that many fashion houses have tried to emulate. The flamingo gets its colour from its diet of shrimp and algae.

most beautiful birds

Flamingo is the National Bird of the Bahamas. One interesting fact about flamingoes is that they feed their chicks with milk. This special milk is created in the glands of the digestive track and is fed through the mouth. This milk is made up of fat, protein, white blood cells and red blood cells.

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 #13 Golden Parakeet
Parakeets, or parrots enliven the jungle with their adorable calls and vibrance. Parakeets are among the most beautiful birds in nature. In the parakeet family, one of the most striking is the Golden Parakeet. The bird is valued for its beautiful golden yellow plumage. Also called the Queen of Bavaria conure, its home is in the Amazon regions of Brazil. The Golden Parakeet is in high demand due to its gorgeous feathers and as a popular pet. This has led to illegal trade and a downfall in their numbers.

most beautiful birds

The Golden Parakeet loves to eat fruits like mangoes, seeds and maize.

# 14 Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher
Kingfishers are well known for their fishing prowess at amazing speeds. With that those are also known for its rich colours. One of the brightest and most colourful birds is the Oriental dwarf kingfisher. A small bird in size, it prefers to live in evergreen trees and dense forests near water bodies in the Indian subcontinent.

most beautiful birds

The Oriental dwarf kingfisher has an amazing plumage. It is blue and with shades of yellow, black, and many more amazing shades rarely found in nature. The blue is iridescent, that is shiny and its luminosity changes with different angles.

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#15 Himalayan Monal
Speaking of iridescence, Himlalayan Monal steals the show. No bird is probably as luminous as this. Ethereal in its look, the Himalayan Monal is definitely one of the most beautiful birds found in nature.

most beautiful birds

This bird has too many colours to count, all radiating with a shimmer. Interestingly the female is not so gorgeous, with only a brown and white matte plumage. The Himlayan Monal is the National Bird of Nepal and State Bird of Uttarakhand.

At one time, this gorgeous bird was hunted for its feathers to decorate hats. The hunting has been banned and hence the avian is safe now.

#16 Roller Bird
The Roller bird in size and structure resembles the crow. But that is where the resemblance ends. A Roller bird in flight takes your breath away making it one of the most beautiful birds on planet earth. The Roller bird has various shades of blue along with pink, purple and browns.

most beautiful birds

The Roller in India is more commonly called as the Neelkanth bird. The Roller bird lives near cultivated areas and grassland. They prefer light forest areas making it easier to spot and photograph these stunning birds.

#17 Cockatoo
The cockatoo would be hurt if we did not put its name on the list of most beautiful birds! It is too pretty to ignore and too intelligent to pay no attention to.

most beautiful birds

The cockatoo is actually a large sized parrot with slight differences. It is bigger in size with more pomp and show. Cockatoos do not make nests as they prefer tree hollows. They love to eat fruits and seeds and they would also feed on bread and many human foods. Cockatoos come in all white and all black. Apart from that they have a wide range of colours as there are about twenty one species of cockatoos spread across the Australian continent.

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#18 Hummingbirds
The smallest birds are also one of the most beautiful birds in the world. These tiny birds are master fliers. They can dive at speeds of 79 km per hour and their wings can flap at an unbelievable 70 times per second. To power all this, its tinier hear pumps 1,260 beats per minute! It is this flapping on their wings that creates a light hum giving it its name. The hummingbird flight is so complicated that its aerodynamics is studied as a subject.

most beautiful birds

Hummingbirds come in all colours but the most amazing factor of their feathers is a structure that causes diffraction grating. The feathers are such that it can split and diffract light in different directions. This creates rainbow effects making it a very unique bird to watch.

#18 Resplendent Quetzal
The Resplendent Quetzal is as good as it sounds. This stunning bird of Central America was revered by the ancient civilization and its feathers were worn by the monarch. These birds were considered holy and were considered auspicious.

most beautiful birds

The bird has a special look and hue. Its green and red body has a luminous effect ranging from greenish gold to blue and violet. The Resplendent Quetzal is the National Bird of Guatemala and also its currency is named after it.

#19 Greater Bird-of-Paradise
The Greater Bird-of-Paradise is truly heavenly in its beauty and is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. This bird is found in a few places in Indonesia. This bird has an extravagant plumage that looks out of this world. On top of its head and around the neck it has silver iridescence, which is very exceptional.

most beautiful birds

In the jungles, the Greater Bird-of-Paradise lives safely today thanks to conservation efforts. It feeds on fruits, seeds and bugs.

#20 Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise
The Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise is one of the strangest yet one of the most beautiful birds you will ever see. Found in deep forests of Indonesia, these birds are very difficult to spot. But once you do, its vibrant foliage will take your breath away.

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most beautiful birds

Interestingly, its scientific name is Diphyllodes respublica, after the republic – and the common man. This name was given by Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew, Charles Lucien Bonaparte who did not like the prefer priority of royals to the common man.

The Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise has a picturesque mating ritual. Efforts are being made to conserve these beautiful creations of nature.

Speaking of mating rituals, another bird-of-paradise is a must mention. The newly discovered Vogelkop superb bird-of-paradise is truly amazing, especially the male in its courtship dance.

most beautiful birds

With its own song and dance, the male tries to impress the female. It spreads its black plumage with fluorescent blue marks which look like eyes. The black feathers of Vogelkop is very fascinating – it is the blackest black found on earth as it absorbs all light that falls on it.

Birds are truly beautiful, intriguing and fascinating creations of Mother Nature.

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