Social media can be a great place to connect and share. However we must watch what we post. A seemingly harmless post could be dangerous to your wealth, security and even career. Here is a list of those things you must never share on social media.

#1 Your Vacation Dates

We all get too excited about that upcoming vacation but never ever post the exact dates of your vacation. Thieves do keep a close eye on social media too because it is just so easy. As soon as your post shows you are away enjoying a trip, your home will become a potential target.

 Don't post these pics on Social Media

#2 Tickets Or Boarding Pass

Tickets and boarding pass can tell a tale about you. Hackers can use your PNR and frequent flier number for their own benefit. With these numbers cyber criminals can find out your date of birth, phone number and even get access to your passport. It can be used to steal your well earned travel miles, reward points. These details can also be used to get access to your credit card. Be aware of how credit card fraud happens.

#3 Your Personal Location And Geotagged Images

Get out of the obsession to show where you are and what you are doing all the time. Before the act a thief keeps an eye noticing when the house is occupied, when and for how long is it empty. They will also try to see the interior before breaking in.  So think – are you making it too easy for them?

It is easy to shift from being a victim to a smart thinker. Do not give away so much information. Most people do not care or notice anyway. If you’re trying to brag or make someone jealous, make sure you do not compromise your security.

#4 Pictures And Videos Of Your Friends Or Anyone Else Without Permission

Do not post anybody’s picture or video without their permission. That is the rule of the thumb. This is especially true if the picture contains anything funny or questionable.

Your status and wall is for your use with your own set of selected contacts, reach and preferences. Your friends may not like it, let alone a stranger. If you use a stranger’s picture make sure it is not violent, graphic or uncomfortable in any way. If their face can be seen clearly, make sure you always have their permission.  Respecting the privacy of other people will save you a lot of trouble.

#5 Pictures of credit card, money, lottery tickets, bank details or any ID card

Don’t we feel tempted to boast post that new ‘platinum’ card? Posting anything about your Identity Card, bank information, debit card – even blurred or seen partially is an open invitation to cyber thieves. Your bar codes can easily be scanned and used for their own end. Many lottery winners have lost their entire money this way.

#6 Personal Conversations

Screenshots of private conversations are also rampant in social media. Why should you show the world how much your boyfriend loves by sharing a screenshot? We cross the line often in social media. Private should remain private.

#7 Private or improper images

No pictures from the bed in your underwear. Cuddling couples are good inside the bedroom. Keep your ‘special’ pictures for a private time. Share with your partner if you have to but keep the rest of the world away from it. Again, private should remain private.

An inappropriate picture can also be used and posted in sites that run on pornography and sexual content. Even if you delete it, there is still a chance that there is a copy of it somewhere in the internet. It is wiser to avoid these unwanted traps. People having drugs and such explicit content can also land you in a jail.

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#8 Inappropriate jokes

Jokes based on a gender, body and sex are cheap, period. Not everyone likes your creepy jokes although not everyone will tell you in the face.

People who share creepy and sexist jokes commonly end up being ‘unfriended’, blocked and avoided. Don’t be a drama queen then, we already warned you.

#9 Anything Confidential and copyrighted

Anything related to your work – any email, any document , everything is confidential. Even the name of a client or employee to the software used in your computer is. Be extra careful what you share about your workplace on social media. Any violation could get you even fired.

#9 Anything copyrighted

If you are using a picture or text that belongs to someone else, make sure you have the right to use it. If an image is watermarked, never ever crop or remove that. If you share a book’s text that the author does not want  you to do, you would land in serious trouble.

 Don't post these on Social Media

#10 Pictures of funerals or sacred places

It is a controversial subject whether you must at all post pictures of funerals and deaths in social media. It does not serve any purpose as such. Sending sad or depressing feed in social media is not asked for and it hurts sentiments.

Avoid posting pictures of places which are somber or sacred. If the place requests no photos, please respect it.

#11 Accusations

You may have had a heartbreaking argument with your partner but social media is not where you should vent it out. Making your quarrel public will give your sympathy not solution. Most people would not care and there some toxic people who would rather enjoy it. You must know how to identify toxic people in your life and keep them away.

#12 News Of Other People

You may be excited and your intentions are good, but NO. Let them announce their special news. Marriage, job, raise, pregnancy, new car – whatever it is, you must let them do it. It is not about the intent but keeping that line.

#13 Rumour

This is one of the most cruel things people do on social media. Any unsubstantiated information ,any guesswork, any gossip shared on social media is cheap and can lead you to serious trouble. Anything you write stays (even if you delete it) and can be used against you in future.

Don't post these on Social Media 
#14 Complaints against boss and office

It is easy to rant it all out but it will affect your career. Your social media profiles are checked without your knowledge by own organization. If you have been applied for a job, the company would do a background check on you and social media is one of those places.

Watch what you post so that you do not sabotage your career.

#14 Pictures of Your Party and Hangovers

It is great to boast post of a good time. However pay a thought to this – do my party pictures add to my career or otherwise? Companies do want to know well who they are employing, so look at yourself from their point of view.

#15 Political Rants

Political posts are fine, but.

Political posts can get easily controversial, even if cartoons. If the issue is sensitive or if your information is questionable, you may attract a lot of uncalled heat and debate. If you have to express your political view, try to be mild. Don’t attack people and hurt their views.

#16 Picture Of Kids

If the kid is not yours, no posting their click and videos without their guardian’s permission. If the parents seem reluctant do not push them.

Even you post pictures of your own kids, make sure you remember they will be seeing it a few years later.  They will not like their naked, embarrassing or unclean pictures. Never shame kids on social media. Avoid talking about their grades (or anybody’s).

Don't post these on Social Media

For safety reasons, don’t share any information of their school on bus explicitly on social media. Kidnappers are on social media too.

#17 Selfie, Selfie And Selfie

We are bored of your selfies, no matter how good you look. The same face again and again does not make our day interesting. It is narcissistic and self absorbed and makes us want to avoid you.

Why Is Sharing Too Much Information On Social Media Dangerous? 

Social media can be tempting. People post about their new car, bank balance, their Starbucks coffee and much more. You are what you do on social media. People will draw their impressions from your posts.

Social media is just your social life reflected. If you boast your way away, it shows your weakness. Cyber criminals pick up weak targets. They fall into traps easily. It is to give them a quick-rich offer and get them to click that false link.

 This is the information age and hence, information is the new gold. The more you tell the world about your details, the more vulnerable you  will become.

It is very easy to cross that line in social media because everyone else is doing it. Be wise, you know that social media is here to entertain and connect. There is no need to post your personal life there.

Do not forget your daily manners in social media. No one likes a self-centered freak, not even you. Be nice, be courteous and most of all be wise.

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