We rejoice in anything Durga puja. Interestingly,  Durga puja ads have created a genre of their own. Probably no one knew how or where it first started. Maybe it was the Pujobarshiki, the beloved big fat story book that Bengalis waited for all year. Or maybe it came first in the newspapers. We do not know for sure but it is true that we all accepted Durga puja advertisement with open hands.

Today, it seems like Durga puja ad is twenty to the dozen. These are everywhere, in every possible media. The best part is, these never get old. Rejoice in the beautiful music and catchy songs that touch the heart.

Traditional Bengali
We have to start with this. More than a decade ago, Shalimar literally rooted its branding with these Durga Puja based ads. These adverts were so well made in detail and characterization that it looked like a real depiction of the typical Bengali household. We feel that we are seeing the traditions, the big family mansion in Kolkata, live. Furthermore, the sentiments have been well portrayed with every move and every expression. Also, the music is amazing and very catchy as well.

Biskoot Bengali

Smartly  built ad showing the Bengali’s life before the Durga Puja. It beautiful shows the little things and builds up the big picture. The Pujobarshiki. The chaandar receipt. The sari shopping – probably the most exhaustive part of the festival as well as most exciting. Watch how well the observation has been made by the makers here. The shopkeeper offers hot cha and biskoot to the prospective customer as he knows this thus increase his selling more sarees.

Jomjamat Gariahat, street food and stuff for decorating the thakur – makes you believe you are experiencing it firsthand. Finally there is the new generation and the homecoming, and the picture is almost complete.
Enjoy your cha with the biskoot and enjoy these Durga puja ads.

Modern Bengali

This ad came out a bit different. Although art and painting is common in Bengali households, but during the Durga Puja we leave it to the professionals. Here we see the artistic daughter is making the idol, which is a great idea actually. Maybe we should try it more often.