Looking great has a lot to do with how well you know what looks good on you instead of jumping into the fashion in vogue. Fashions come and go and if you keep on filling your wardrobe based on impulses, very soon you will be out of good clothing and would have spent a lot of money here and there. It is always a better style advice that you spend more on good quality fashion. Your wardrobe collection should have a solid foundation with timeless styles. Looking current will be a breeze when you have these outfits – as these are always a hit.

Dark jeans
A dark coloured jeans is the staple point of your fashion wardrobe. Get a deep blue or black denim from a good place. Spend extra money if you have to as a pair of good jeans is a long time investment. It is important that it fits you well, so you should try the slim fit or a stretchable. Jeans are probably a woman’s best friend – wear it with the right top and accessory and you can get into any occasion. With a colourful top and cool sandals get a casual look. Wear it with a button up shirt and boots and rock it with your swagger. Get a jazzed up backless top and pair it with stilettos to be the attention of the party. If your office allows jeans, you can look quite professional with a striped or checked formal shirt.

fashion jeans

Draped in Black
The Little Black dress is the winner all time. A black top or t-shirt always comes handy. Black will never go out of fashion.  Black has an appeal like no other. If you are not sure what to wear, try anything black. Black is a colour which is simultaneously formal, casual and fashionable. Depending upon the occasion you can wear black and team it with the right accessories. Probably things hardly go wrong with black clothing. Black hardly goes wrong but then one should always have a balance in his or her looks. To avoid the Gothic look many people accidentally walk into, avoid dark or black nail polish and lipstick with black clothing.

Black looks well with ethnic dresses. A translucent black sari is a heart whopper. A black kurti is power dressing in the office.

fashion black dress

Trench Coat
Admit it, you love the Hollywood hottie stomping around in a trench coat. Trench coats give a super smart look. Although Indian weather may not give you an opportunity to wear coats, you should definitely buy a less warm one for the winters. A woman in a trench coat means business, means fashion and means she is happy.
If you want something more adventurous you can go for a leather jacket with riding boots.

fashion coat

Winning white
White is black’s competitor in fashion but mind you, it is a winner in grace and class. A glowing white top or sweater with small patterns (or even without) always gets the attention. It can however be a difficult job to get the perfect white dress or top as most stores get sold out on white the fastest.

A graceful white dress can make a woman’s feminine charm multiply. A white shirt with light stripes are one of the best formal wears available. White is a winning colour, it hardly goes wrong unless you overdo it. White generally goes well with all, but it can get tricky as to how or with what accessory you wear. Keep it simple and classy. Wear it wrong, you may look too plain and wear it right, you are a queen.
White ethnic dresses are very classy. An embellished white lehenga or white sari is a favourite choice of the celebrities.

fashion in white

The Gown look
The gown is the dreamiest piece of clothing for many girls. Truly, no other dress carries so much romance as the gown. There are many stores, even online clothing shops that display a fantastic collection right from wedding gowns to gorgeous party wear.
You can also get the gown look in many ethnic dresses. Buy the lehenga that flares down the bottom – it will cost you extra money but the look is worth it.  Anarkalis are also available which give a graceful gown look. Some brands have introduces gorgeous gown sarees that will make any woman fall in love with it.

fashion gown

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