Your international vacation planning doesn’t have to be made dreadful by running into the Visa offices. Just forget the old and visited destinations and get a new leash of life by discovering new places to travel. Many countries require only an Indian passport to give you entry and provide you a quick hassle free Visa on Arrival (VOA) for you vacation.

Although, legislations change from to time so it is safer to recheck before you disembark on your journey. Also some rules may apply such as the presence of return ticket, proof of hotel booking and funds – depending upon the destination.

The best part is, not only are these tourist destinations less expensive but these are also less crowded in most cases, making it a more enjoyable experience.

Most of know that Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal and Hong Kong provide Visa on Arrival. But in Asia there are some more marvelous spots that are not to be missed especially when travelling is so easy.

Cambodia – The land of Angkor Wat and it is an unmissable place for every traveller.
Visa not requiredMacau – Destination for people looking for trip with duty free shopping and gambling at casinos.
 no VisaIndonesia – Ideal place for boating, scuba diving, eating and enjoying cultural heritage.
Visa Indonesia

Maldives – Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and lots of scuba diving – sounds good!
Visa maldives india

Jordan – Photographer’s delight with unique landscape and the ancient Petra.

Visa easy to getTajikistan – This small country has mountains, lakes and unique culture to offer to the tourists.
Easy Visa for Indians

Africa is every wanderer’s destination in the bucket list. Keeps the list ticking with these easy to go places.

Mauritius – The volcanic island of beaches, lagoons and reefs. Don’t miss the rainforests, waterfalls and the flying fox.
Quick Visa for IndiansSeychelles – Probably the top beach destination in the world.
Visa for IndiansKenya – Get ready for that safari
Visa Go withoutTanzania – Time for Kilimanjaro!
Visa africanEthiopia – For the ones who dare to  visit an offbeat place with a unique culture.
Visa to africaMadagascar – Magical country of the lemurs with dense forests and coral reefs.

Visa India abroad

South America
– Dense Amazon. Galapagos Island. Lava expelling Cotopaxi.  Need we say more?

Visa India south America
Bolivia – Land of the cute llamas. and the amazing salt flats. Also see the recently discovered mysterious pyramids.

Visa India south American country
North America & Europe

Surprisingly some countries in these continents are easily accessible minus the diplomatic hassle.

Macedonia – Macedonia is full of history. You will find museums filled with art, castles telling tales of rulers and rambling markets.

Visa India Europe
Georgia – Sitting between Europe and Asia, Georgia has picturesque Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea beaches. Visit the ancient Vardzia cave monastery.

Visa India European nations
Jamaica – Jamaica means leisurely vacation on the beach without a worry in this world with its rich culture and good food.
Visa India holiday
Trinidad and Tobago – Apart from azure beaches, it is safe haven for birds. Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is truly a paradise for hummingbirds.

Visa  vacation from India

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