Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned aquarium lover, a hassle free fish is always the perfect aquarium fish.

When you keep an aquarium, you need to pay attention to the well being of the fish. What old hands may enjoy doing, for beginners that may sound difficult.

Remember that you are keeping an aquarium to enjoy the company of the aquatic life. You would want these creatures to be healthy and alive. But it is your responsibility to keep them so. However by keeping it simple and sticking to the rules, it will be an easy task.

Pick those fishes which are hardy. That means they have more chances of surviving outside their natural habitat.  There are those fishes that are easy to care for. Also they fit well in your tank and do not disturb the other members. In a nutshell, the hassle-free fish.

Here are some easy to take care fish for your aquarium.

Guppy fish

aquarium fish guppy

Guppies are a very popular aquarium fish. It is also called the rainbow fish because of its iridescent body. They are also adaptable and make great companions for those kids who want to start an aquarium. Plus, they are non fussy and eat varied food. Plus if you keep a pair of guppy fish, you will have a school of tiny fish in no time.


aquarium fish swordtail

A swordtail is another perfect aquarium fish. These are very colourful and attractive for your aquarium. Swordtails are a preferred choice for novice and experts alike.


aquarium fish betta

The Betta is a good aquarium fish provided you keep only one of its kind. The betta has a notorious name – the fighting fish due to its aggressive behavior towards other fish especially one of its own. Generally the other fishes leave it alone. Otherwise it is a great fish for your aquarium. It is very beautiful, would eat almost anything and is very hardy.

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Black tetra

aquarium fish black tetra

A black tetra or black skirt tetra is truly the perfect hassle-free aquarium fish. These are very peaceful and adaptable. They are fast breeders so if you being a pair you will have a number of fishes in a short time. Put rocks and plants in the aquarium as black tetras are shy and they need to feel secure behind the rocks.


aquarium fish molly

Mollies are very popular because they are very adaptable fish. They can live both in salt and fresh water. Every aquarium probably has or had been home to a molly. Mollies and guppies are closely linked biologically. There are many types of mollies available for you to make your perfect aquarium fish.

Neon Tetra

aquarium fish neon tetra

Neon tetras are very versatile fish. These are tiny fish that live in a group and are very adaptable. They eat a wide range of food and survive temperature difference. In addition, they look amazing. These make it an excellent aquarium fish.

Glass Shrimp

aquarium fish shrimp

If you want some variation, get a shrimp. It is far better than keeping a turtle or a frog. But all shrimps are not compatible. The best hassle free shrimp for a beginner’s aquarium is the glass or ghost shrimp.

The glass shrimp survives very well in freshwater and is easy to keep and maintain. These also act as scavengers and will clean up your fish tank. The ghost shrimp will survive in adverse conditions. Do not worry if you see other fishes eating it, they are also live feed for them. But these also breed very fast and you will not miss the goners.

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