Flowers are generally seen as objects of beauty – beautiful colours, delicate petals and captivating aroma. But Mother Nature never fails to surprise us. Have a look at her strangest creations. There are some flowers that are so weird that it breaks all our notions about flowers being symbols of beauty.
Nothing is nature is created without reason, no matter how strange it may look. According to the theory of evolution, plants would have developed these characteristics arising out of a need to survive. Plants needed to adapt so that it could live longer and stronger.
We will leave it to the scientists to discover as to what the true reasons are behind their evolution. For now let us enjoy the sights of these strange as well as fascinating flowers around the globe.

Strange Flower #6


This is called the Hooker Lips and also as Hot Lips. As amusing as it may look, there is a weird similarity to a woman’s lips in bright red lipstick. This perhaps makes it the most ‘kissable’ flower in the world! And one of the strangest as well.

Strange Flower #5

113-5Yes that gigantic thing is a flower! A corpse lily, as the name sounds, smells just as bad as a rotting corpse. However botanically it is a very valuable and rare plant that blooms once in seven years. Some corpse flowers take decades to bloom and when it does, people do gather to see this rare sight.

Strange Flower #4


Swaddled babies flower! Officially called Tulip orchids, these flowers are lovingly called Swaddled babies for their eerie similarity. When the flower is blooming at a particular stage it resembles a baby all wrapped and swaddled in a white fabric. Isn’t nature just amazing?

Strange Flower #3


This scary skull is actually a dried Snap Dragon flower exposing its seed pod. Many people plant this in their gardens for this plant is believed to have mystical powers to save one from curses and evil eye.

Strange Flower #2


This is the Starfish flower which bears such an eerie resemblance to the aquatic starfish. The star flower is actually a flowering cactus. Weirder, it also smells like carrion or rotting flesh.

Strange Flower #1


This is the Monkey Face Orchid. When you have a monkey face staring right into you from a flower, you might start to wonder how lively nature actually is. With two eyes, a nose, eyebrows and a mouth, monkey orchid is one of the strangest flowers we will ever see.

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