Tumi je Aamar from the film Harano Sur is one song that has the essence of all that is Uttam Suchitra romance.

Here are some reasons why Tumi je Aamar is one of the most wonderful songs of Bengali cinema –

  • Geeta Dutt is incomparable. Her voice and her feel into this song are simply unbeatable.
  • The music of this song will never go old. No matter how many decades pass. Music is truly the universal language. Hemanta has created this magical music in Tumi je Aamar.
  • Suchitra Sen looks more beautiful than ever. She is the very look of the classic Bengali beauty dressed as the bride.
  • Tumi Je Aamar song is extremely heartfelt. Listen to the lyrics, they stir the deepest chords of the lover’s heart. Gouriprasanna Majumdar has created these beautiful lyrics of the song.
  • The song is one of the most romantic songs ever sung. But the magic of this song is that it speaks of pure love of the heart without the need to draw any comparison to the physical. But any person can connect to this amazing song.
  • Lastly, Uttam Kumar looks equally magical in this dreamy setting of this song.

Enjoy Tumi je Aamar from Harano Sur.

Harano Sur
Harano Sur is a super hit film from 1957. Ajoy Kar directed this film.
Uttam Kumar is Alok Mukherjee, is a well to do business man from Kolkata. He meets an unfortunate accident. when he recovers, he has forgotten everything. The trauma has given him amnesia.

Suchitra Sen is Dr. Roma Banerjee who is treating him. After further incidents, she takes him to her father’s house for further treatment. The inimitable Pahari Sanyal plays the role of her father.

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They fall for each other and get married. But fate would not have it this way. Furthermore Alok has another amnesic incident that makes him remember everything before he had the first accident. But it also makes him forget all that had happened after this accident. He does not recognize her anymore.

We will not give any more spoilers. To know what happens next you have to watch the film Harano Sur.

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