Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.

– Charles William Eliot

Books are magic.
They are like little boxes full of wonderful words which can transport you to magical places. Opening a book is like opening a box full of hidden treasures.


A book is the solution to all your problems. Irritated by the PDA of the couple sitting next to you or stuck in traffic or simply bored with your humdrum life??????? Go and open that book sitting on your shelf for years, and you can escape from all your problems just like that. Trust me, it is that simple.


Reading makes you an expert at multitasking.


You don’t have to have only one favourite book; you can have as many favourite books as you want.


A book doesn’t get jealous if you hang out with other books. And you don’t get jealous when others read your favourite books (well mostly). It is completely okay to simultaneously read 2 or 3 books.


Books never let you feel lonely. As long as you have a book in your hand, you have a companion.

Books smell like Heaven.

They always smell wonderful. There is no such thing as a bad smelling book. Each and every book has a distinct aroma of its own, be it new or old.  Not feeling good? Go and smell the pages of a book, and uplift your mood in a jiffy.


They are the cheapest mode of travel. With a book in your hand, you can magically transport anywhere you want.


You can carry them anywhere and everywhere.


Books let you encounter all the amazing and swoon worthy characters that make you want to fall in love with them.


There is something for everyone. Do you like romance? Are you a mystery lover? Do you prefer the opulence of the historical time? Or maybe you like to lose yourself in the enchanting world of fantasy. There is something for everybody.


So, leave everything else and read a book, ASAP, and lose yourself in it.


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