Most people go to the world famous Chilka Lake and come back without seeing the Sea Mouth. They have no idea what they miss!

I went to Sea Mouth quite some years back and I still remember the place vividly. It was very beautiful with crystal clear water and starfish lying around in the beach. Actually I would have missed it too if I had not consulted the locals boatmen.

We had come to Puri and after spending a few days on the Puri beach and watching the monuments of Konark and Dhaulagiri, we left for Chilka on an early morning in a rented car. The road was in excellent condition and lined with cashew trees. It was a smooth trip and we reached Chilka in a few hours. Our driver told us to definitely take a boat ride. Before going out, we had to order lunch beforehand. We ordered freshly picked jumbo prawns from the Chilka.

Sea Mouth boat ride chilka lake

We lined to book a boat – one of those local boats with a seating arrangement and fitted with an engine. You can share the boat or rent one whole for yourself. A full boat would cost us Rs. 600 and we decided to take it. Many tourists were there from all over India but most of them were Bengalis. There were also some foreign travelers.

Our boat was run by two young men who were brothers. After some time, we started to chat with them. They were simple village people and it was nice to talk about their lives. The boat was to take us to Sea Mouth and Red crab island and bring us back.

One tip for all visitors, do not take guided tours for Chilka, those are waste of money. They  show you almost nothing, speaking from my own prior experience.

Sea Mouth dolphins chilka lake

On the way they showed us dolphins frolicking in the Chilka Lake. These dolphins were dark in colour than the ones I had seen in TV. It was exciting to see dolphins coming out of the water and swimming close to us. However, the sound of the boat’s engine was scaring them away.

After some time, we reached the Sea Mouth Island. This island comes out from the water in low tide and disappears under water during high tide. But now during the low tide, it was difficult to believe such a phenomenon. They were a lot of tourists and local people who selling daab (tender coconut), cultured pearls and fried lobsters.

As we relaxed and enjoyed the place, our boatmen told us that the real beauty lies on the opposite side. We were curious, we had visited Chilka before but never heard anything like that before. We told them to guide us and decided to pay them extra for this, although they did not ask for it.

Sea Mouth island chilka lake

We started to walk. It started to look like a desert – in the middle of the ocean. And in this ‘desert’ there were small puddles of water that looked like the oasis. What an amazing view it was.

We walked about half a kilometer when we all said together, “Bah”.

This was totally different from Chilka’s grey waters. We had reached a pristine clear beach where the water was clear as drinking water! The Bay of Bengal water was light green in colour here and it reminded me of the pictures of the Caribbean beach destinations I had seen.

The sun sparkled clearly through the water and there we could see starfish and many other aquatic lives around the beach. In fact we were so spellbound we even forgot to take pictures!

As very few people knew of this place, we were the visitors there with only two other groups. We loved every second of it. We were warned not to go in the water because as it is a temporary beach, there is quicksand all around. We stayed away from going into the water and enjoyed the Bay of Bengal at its best!

Image credits: vasanthasokan –, Dream Wanderlust,,, Mridula D. at Travel Tales from India


Pradeep Ghose is a lawyer by profession. He is also a septuagenarian and an adventurer by heart. An avid traveller since school days, loves a good adda and has lots of interesting stories to tell.