While it is rare to get a great actor, it is even rarer to get a great actor who makes us laugh. Jahor Roy is incomparable. His prowess is indescribable. His outward commonplace appearance was his ploy to blend into the roles he played. Only a few realized what a diamond lay beneath.

Without any further ado, let us enjoy those amazingly entertaining roles of Jahor Roy- another jewel to the crown of Bengali cinema.

Sare Chuattor

Jahor Roy

Do you remember Kamakhya, the healthy-living guy who would be seen chewing raw radish in the morning?
Sare Chuattor was Jahor Roy’s third film. Although the film is star studded with Uttam- Suchitra and Tulsi Chakraborty- Molina Devi, this film gave us the gift of Bhanu -Jahor.  The great partnership started here. Aren’t we grateful to director Nirmal Dey?

Paras Pathar

Jahor Roy paras pathar

In this Tulsi-starring Satyajit Ray classic, do you remember Brajahari the servant? This act of Jahor Roy was so natural and commonplace that it took an absolute act of genius to perform it. Remember his face when he started crying for no reason just because his babu was doing so?

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Ashiteo Ashiona

Jahor Roy bhanu

In Ashite Ashiona Shoda (Bhanu Banerjee) would have never been able to reach the fountain of youth without his Madan. Madan is his servant and his best friend. He feels for him, feeds him kochuris and also helps him.

However, the most beautiful part is the fact that Bhanu and Jahor were as good friends as on screen.

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Bhanu Goenda Jahor Assistant

Jahor Roy bhanu

Jahor Roy is Jahor Bandopadhyay in this hilarious film. Another timeless Bhanu-Jahor feat.

Dhonni Meye

Jahor Roy bengali actor

Gobordhon Chaudhuri is ‘mama’, the Bengali’s beloved maternal uncle. Only this time he wasn’t so loving. But we do salute Jahor Roy for entertaining us to the fullest.

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Miss Priyangbada

Jahor Roy bengali actor comedy

The poetic, the romantic and a friend in need. He can be Shah Jahan, a woman in sari and moustache and then he can become the guard of the house. As much as Bhanu, Jahor has been equally entertaining in Miss Priyangbada.


Jahor Roy bengali actor comedy

Have you ever wondered what happened to the kapalik after the main characters died in Kapalkundola? Well, you can find your answers in this exceptionally comic film Brojobuli.

If that does not impress you, how about watching a film that has a cast of Uttam, Sabitri Chatterjee, Chhaya Debi, Tarun Kumar, Jahar Roy, Robi Ghosh, Santosh Dutta and Chinmoy Roy? You probably cannot turn it down.

Jamalaye Jibanta Manush

Jahor Roy bengali actor comedy bhanu

Expect to see Jahor Roy when you die. You may reach Yamalok and see him as the hard-working Bichitrogupta.

Gupi gayen bagha bayen

Jahor Roy goopy bagha mantri

O mantra moshai, shadayantri moshai! How would we see the Goopy Bagha magic if there was no bad mantri moshai?

Tomake selam, Jahor Roy!