High up in the lap of the Himalayas, lies the dreamy hamlet of Tonglu. This little village gets its name from a peak of the same name in the Singalila Ridge. The Singalila Ridge of the Himalayas is also home to the peaks of Sandakphu and Phalut, one of the most popular trekking destinations in India.

A part of this natural paradise is reserved as the Singalila National Park and there Tonglu is an ultimate dream destination. It is situated more than 10,000 feet above the sea level and there you would feel that you can almost touch the Kanchenjunga. Tonglu is such a vantage point that you get to see other peaks of the Himalayas such as the Pandim and the Makalu.


Tonglu is generally used as a rest for the trekkers. It falls on the trekker’s route from to Sandakphu from Manebhanjan or Dhotre. But the beauty of the place pulls many from far and wide.

Seeing the sun rise and set on Tonglu is an unforgettable experience. Kanchenjunga playfully changes her colours with the sunlight. There is a basic but very beautiful trekker’s hut in Tonglu.


Tonglu is the epitome of Himalayan beauty. It is a union of snow capped peaks, beautiful forests, hundred kinds of fragrant flowers and with its own special forest dwellers. In the forests of Singalila, big cats or predators are not found making it a true paradise for travelers to unwind themselves.

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To reach Tonglu, you would have to come to Siliguri via train or bus from Kolkata.  You can fly to Bagdogra and then take a transport to Siliguri. From Siliguri take a car to Dhotre. It is the starting point of the Sandakphu trek. From Dhotre you have to trek through the Singalila forest up to Tonglu. There is no transport available from Dhotre. However, a new road is being constructed for vehicles that will run from Meghma, Tonglu and up to Tumling.

The walking path from Dhotre to Tonglu is filled with the songs of hundreds of birds and innumerable flowers. The forest is filled with hundreds of species of orchids and the blooming rhododendrons will make you forget all your tiredness.

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The forest around the area is very safe for travelers. People even like to go camping there. The forest is also home to the rare and beautiful Red Panda.

The Gorkha Hill Council Trekkers’ Hut in or the GTA lodge is best staying option. You can book the hut from in Kolkata, Siliguri or Darjeeling at the DGHC counter.

Another one is the District Magistrate’s Bungalow but it needs to be pre-booked from Darjeeling or Siliguri.

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