What many people do not know is that Bishnupur shares something with Egypt and Mexico.

Egypt and Mexico are known all over the world for their marvellous pyramids. Interestingly, Bishnupur is one of those unique spots in the world which has a unique pyramid. Not only does it have one of the most unique architectures in the whole world but it is quite mysterious as well – making it a must visit spot for any traveller.

The Rasmancha is pretty well known but if you see closely, it shares the pyramid structure of ancient Egypt. It is believed to be built around 1600 AD but researchers scratch their heads if you ask them more. All we know is that it is made of mud and brick and how it still remains standing is anybody’s guess.

Rasmancha temple stands on a raised square platform with a pyramidal structure on top. No other temple or structure in India is the same as this.
Bishnupur ras manchaThe inside is equally interesting. There is a unique path to the garbha griha (sanctum sanctorum) – the innermost sanctum of the temple where the idol is kept. It is made in a roundabout path which will make you travel three times around the garbha griha. If a three dimensional path is chalked out by simulation, it takes the form of a spiral in a sacred geometry pattern. This is the same kind of a pattern we see in the formation of everything in nature – be it the shell of a snail, the flowering from a bud or the development of the foetus.

Bishnupur architecture

No one knows for sure who the architect was or why it was made this way. There is no other room elsewhere in the temple making it more mysterious than ever. Objectively, this temple shares the same importance as India’s other historical structures as the Taj Mahal and the Iron Pillar.
Bishnupur templeApart from these facts, Bishnupur is a great weekend destination spot. It is very reasonable and is full of other historical structures. Get a good guide, he will take you down the history lane and you will enjoy this trip.

How to go

  • Situated about 135 kms from Kolkata. There are frequent buses and trains that run from Kolkata. You can also hire a car.
  • Nearest airport is Kolkata.
  • It is best to start in the early morning from Kolkata and stay overnight in Bishnupur otherwise it becomes very hectic to visit all those marvelous spots.
  • There are many hotels to stay in Bishnupur.

Bishnupur terracotta


    • On the way you would cross the Joypur forest area – it is a picturesque route with huge old trees cradling the sides of the roads. You can stop and take a few snaps there.
    • Avoid the summer time, best time to visit is September to March.

  • The food in Bishnupur is very local Bengali food. Don’t miss the mouthwatering breakfast of hot kochuri and alur torkari.
  • One thing you must not miss is the Bishnupur terracotta art made and sold by the local villagers. Starting from mud baked key rings to amazing Durga and Nataraja idols, it is art at its best. Great buy for souvenirs.


  • If you like you can also see the making of the legendary Bishnupuri silk sari and if your budget allows, grab a few.
  • There are many terracotta temples, ask you guide to take you as many possible.
  • In the morning or evening be sure to visit the Lalgarh Park with lots of greenery and natural beauty. There is also a tower inside the park which gives a beautiful panoramic view of the landscape.

Bishnupur road