Basanta Bilap is one of the classic films where we see Soumitra in a comic role. The humorous clashes between Soumitra’s friends and the girl’s hostel are unmissable.
Basanta Bilap was released in 1973. Since its release it has remained a classic Bengali comedy of the black and white movie era.
If you want to have a good laugh and see a good movie, watch Basanta Bilap. It will not disappoint you.
Directed by Dinen Gupta, Bimal Kar had penned the story.
The cast consisted of Soumitra Chatterjee, Aparna Sen, Rabi Ghosh, Kajal Gupta, Anup Kumar, Chinmoy Roy, Sumitra Mukherjee, Sibani Bose, Amarnath Mukherjee and Kanika Majumdar.

Basanta Bilap
The story revolves around a group of four friends. All of these men have come to the city to work and are all unmarried.  Shyam and three others live in a typical Bengali mess where their friendship grows. Soumitra Chattopadhyay plays Shyam.
In the same locality we see a girl’s hostel as well. The girls of the hostel do not seem to like these men and things start to take a hilarious turn.

Both of the parties try to cause mischief on the other. Furthermore, both of them engage in a comic race of wits to prove themselves the better.
However one of Shyam’s friends start to fall for a girl at the hostel and she reciprocates as well much to the dissent of others. Later we see all of Shyam’s friends falling in love with the girls at the hostel.
Although Shyam disapproves at this, he is secretly in love with Radha as well.
The beautiful Aparna Sen plays his antagonist and love interest Radha. She does not accept but also loves him secretly.
Basanta Bilap is famous for its one hilarious scene after another. If you want to speak of a classic comedy in Bengali cinema, Basanta Bilap is one of them.