Certainly everyone has one old phone lying around somewhere. If it is an old smart phone or tablet then it can be put to many uses using the many apps that are available for free use.

So before you decide to sell it away, see if you can to reuse it. Let us see how these old devices can be made resourceful. Here are simple but common sense uses –

Music player

old phone mp3 playerMusic takes up a lot of space in our phones as well as drains the battery. You can use your old smart phone as fully for music. You can upload it with all your music files and play it whenever you want without worrying about space crunch or charge usage. There are also ways you can add it to your car or put on better speakers at home to create a music system experience.

Keep it for the kids

old phone for kidsIf you have children, at some point of time they will ask for a phone. Giving an old phone to them is the best idea not only in terms of your pocket but also in practicality.

Alternately, in case you lose your phone accidentally, it is always to have one in hand’s reach.

Digital photo frame

old phone as photo frameThis is very easy to do. Just download the right app for your phone, transfer your favourite pictures and there you are!

Ebook reader

old phone ebook readerThis can be your own devoted ebook reader. Take it wherever you go. Since you are not using it as your regular phone you can go without having to worry about charging. Using it only as an ebook reader it uses little battery and it can go days without any charging.


old phone radioWhy buy a radio when you already have the software and hardware built in?

Video recorder

old phone spycamThere are many apps that can turn your old phone into a video recorder. These apps can actually make your mobile very useful devices and you would not have to purchase those. Easily, you can turn your old phone to act as a baby monitor. It can also be your own security camera when you need to keep a watch.

Alarm clock

old phone alarm clockIf your phone cannot be used for anything like these, you can simply use it as your regular alarm clock.