Probably in the history of romance, nowhere has love been expressed so sweetly as in the song Tumi Aakash Ekhon Hote from the film 80 te Ashiona. In this song Bhanu expresses his feelings for his lovely wife in poetic expressions and plods his wife to sing along with him.

She sings to him the way she expresses her love everyday – innocently and thoughtfully – making it one of the funniest yet most genuine love songs ever. The matchless facial expressions of Bhanu are a bonus to watch who is stumped by the unexpected way she has found romance in making luchi and muri for her him. Love has many languages!

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Released in 1967, 80 te Ashiona is considered as one of the classic comedies of Bengali cinema. The film plot revolves around the life of 80 year old Bhanu suffering from old age and infirmity. On top of that, he is miserable that he is dependent on his sons and their families who are not very attentive towards him. He is fuelled by the desire to relive life again and hopes to bypass the despair of old age either though science or magic. He wonders on the mythological account of the king Yayati who becomes young again when his son exchanges his youth with him.

Bhanu goes for a vacation to Jhantipahari with his servant Madan played by the inimitable Jahar Roy. He is a guest of Tarun Kumar, and one day while riding a horse he accidentally falls into the pond of eternal youth.

As Bhanu is happy to be a young man again, back at home starts a comic scenario where his sons and family members cannot make sense of it. His sons find it difficult to call a younger man their father. As the discovery and implications of the magical water spreads, old people, scientists and powerful men from all over the country start coming in hopes of being young again and make riches out of it. What follows is a cornucopia of pandemonium and comedy. While the film focuses on the comical side, subtly aspects have been expressed on human desire, dissatisfaction and the belief that the grass is always greener on the other side.

One of the unforgettably funny scenes in the movie is how Bhanu avoids being arrested by the police by going into a pond and telling the policeman that he cannot arrest him now because he is under the jurisdiction of jolpulish!

80 te Ashiona has a superb cast of Bhanu Bannerjee, Robi Ghosh, Jahar Roy, Ruma Guha Thakurta , Tarun Kumar and Kamal Mitra.