Most people don’t know that Orissa, the land of sea shores, also has a hill station. Daringbadi is called by many as the Kashmir of Orissa. It is situated 915 m above the sea level in the highland area of Kandhamal District.

This hill station is surrounded by beautiful deep forests and abundant wildlife. Forests of pine trees make it a charming spot.

Daring badi is a wonderful destination during summers. During the Durga Puja you will find the pre-winter climate and make sure you pack a few warm clothes. Daring badi gets snowfall in winters and it is common to have a sub-zero climate. The snow topped pine trees are a delight to watch.

DaringbadiThere is a tower for the tourists to get a panoramic view of the valley. All around one can see farm gardens of tea, coffee and spices.

The Doluri river has many striking falls. There is a beautiful cascade named as Lover’s waterfall which is a popular destination spot. The Rushikulya river originates from the slopes of Daringbadi hills and you can go to visit this spot. Daringbadi is also a wonderful place for bird watching.

Daringbadi hills

Fifty kilometers from Daring badi is the Belghar Sanctuary. This tropical deciduous forest has many rare and endangered animals and plants. You are sure to spot wild elephants there. In these forests also live one of the oldest tribes in the world known as the Dogria Khond. Belghar sanctuary also has a wooden bungalow for nature lovers to stay overnight.

Daringbadi local

How to reach

    • The best way to reach Daringbadi is to get a private vehicle from nearest location like Berhampur, Phulbani or Balliguda.
    • Services of public bus transport are available which run between Berhampur and Daring badi.

  • Daring badi hill station is 100 km from Phulbani and 50 km from Balliguda.
  • Daring badi is situated 211 kms from Bhubaneshwar and takes around 5-6 hours by road. You can get vehicles and buses from there. The drive from Bhubaneshwar to Daringbadi through the Eastern Ghat roads is remarkable. Both sides of the road are covered with deep forest of Sal trees.

Daringbadi Orissa road

  • There is no railway station in Daring badi and the nearest is Berhampur which is about 125 km away. You have to take a rented vehicle from there. There are three routes –  1st is via Sorada which is near about 125 km and will at least take 3 – 4 hours. Second route is via Bhanjanagar – G.Udayagiri which is around 180 km through NH-217 and 3rd is via Mohana-Bramhanigan which is around 200 km.

The journey from the plains to the hill station of Daring badi is truly breathtaking.

Where to stay

There are only a few hotels in Daring badi and you should book beforehand. Last known the OTDC guest house was not abandoned.

There is Hotel Utopia , a hotel near the bazaar area. There is the Eco Home owned by Mr. Swain, located on the slope of a hill with beautiful cottages. This seems like the best staying option.Daringbadi hotel

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