Every zodiac has its own colour personality. Colours affect the functioning of our minds and our daily activity. On the basis of astrological calculations, just as gemstones colours have a very strong effect on a person so do colours. Wearing, using or being in touch with your suited colour will keep you in a place of peace and harmony. Here are the zodiacs and their advised corresponding colour.


zodiac-colour-ariesThe first sign of Zodiac is bold, outgoing and energetic. Ruled by Mars, Ariens find their home in red and deep shades of red. Tuesday is the day of the Mars, and wearing or carrying something red on this day will help you be in your state of accomplishment and energy. For success in workplace, keep something red on your desk.

Although Taurus looks aggressive, in reality a Taurean is a grounded and calm creature. Shy and quiet on the inside, they are ruled by Venus. Lucky colours are graceful white and pink. Wear your lucky colour on Friday and bring on happiness and success. Stay in touch with white or pink, keep something of that shade on your desk or room.


zodiac-colour-geminiThe Gemini Zodiac is the complicated one of the lot. On one hand Geminis are whimsical, unstable and dual in nature but on the other side, Geminis can be excellent in communication, innovative and creative like no other. Shades of green suit them. The aura of green brings out the best in Geminis on Wednesdays. Keep a green coloured item on your desk to boost your inner powers.


zodiac-colour-cancerRuled by the moon, Cancerians imbibe the lunar qualities of coolness, serenity and shyness. Colours like light blue, white and sea green help them to stay in the place of harmony and be surrounded by sensitive and caring energy. Monday is the day for the Cancerian and staying in touch with the lucky colours will keep things going your way. If you need an extra dose of help, use yellow and occasionally shades of red.


zodiac-colour-leoThe ruler of the Zodiac sign, the lion. Symbolizing royalty and ruled by the Sun, Leos don’t hide. Colours of the sun are best for a Leo – orange, red, bright yellow and gold. Pale shades are a no-no. Like their nature, Leos stand best in gold combined with orange, yellow and red to show all that is glorious and regal. If Leos stay in touch with their lucky colours every Sunday, things will be doubly good.

zodiac-colour-virgoVirgos are the reserved and quietest of the Zodiacs. Pastel and pale shades of mostly all colours suit them, like peach, mauve, light blue and pink. Dark shades of green also go well with their personality making them feel safe and protected. Floral patterns and conventional designs suit their nature. Wearing green on Wednesdays will help them feel calmer and get things done.

zodiac-colour-libraLibrans are tuned in to anything classy, gentle and aesthetic. Blue suits their personality. White and pink also help them stay true to their nature. Plain colours in good designs help them be their best. Wearing shades of cream and white on Friday will help them in success and money.

zodiac-colour-scorpioScorpios are strange and mystic. Deep shades of red, purple, green combined with black go well with their personality. Scorpios have mystical and intense moods and pale colours don’t go well with their personality. Deep reds on Tuesday will help Scorpios be in their deeper sense of being.

zodiac-colour-sagittariusOptimist, cheery and happy nature is the basis of all Sagittarian personalities. Yellow goes best with them with its sister shades as well as royal blue, red and orange.  Ruled by Jupiter, wearing or keeping in touch with yellow on Thursdays will keep Sagittarians on a new high.

zodiac-colour-capricornThe most sober, contemplative and reserved of all Zodiacs are the Capricorns. Plain, uncomplicated things go well with their personality and so they generally tend to fall for blacks and whites. Deep blues, grey and shades of earth colour like deep brown keep them comfortable. Red can be used for an extra dose of energy, so keeping a red pen or a red mug on desk can help you achieve your goals. Wearing black on Saturdays will keep you at home.

zodiac-colour-aquariusIf you have a new colour discovered, it will be for the Aquarians. This Zodiac sign likes to be in utopian and eccentric colours to be in cheer and keep their spirits lifted. Violets, electric colours, shiny shades go well with them. Modern than all signs and wants to make all heads turn. Wearing violets or shades of deep blue will help you stay in your own zone and achieve success.

zodiac-colour-piscesPisceans are generally shy and sensitive people, slow to express their emotions. Yellow will make them feel comfortable and warm. Dark colours don’t mix with their personality. Light shades of blue, mauve and peach will suit them well. Yellow every Thursday will help Pisceans stay in harmony.

Credits: astrogle.com, timesofindia.indiatimes.com