Women Empowerment. One of the hottest topics now a days. It’s a burning issue not only in India but also all over the world. What actually it is. Are we, the women, empowering ourselves?
What I feel? Let me tell you an incident. Here it goes:

Few days ago, I went to Easy Day, a supermarket and was standing in the queue. The queue was pretty much long and they had only 2 counters to handle. So people were waiting with their stuffs for more than the usual time. Most of them had pretty much stuffs, seemed like they shopped for the entire month. Anyway I had only 4 items in my hand and was waiting for my turn. Suddenly, a girl of my same age or around came with few items and dropped them on the counter.
-“Bhaiya zara iska billing kardo”, she said (“Bhaiya, please do the billing of these..”)
I was amazed looking at her. People were already standing in the queue of way more than her or my age including aged aunties. And she, ignoring all these went directly to the counter.
At first I didn’t say a thing thinking the counter person himself will not do the billing seeing the long queue. But I got more shocked seeing him started doing billing for her items.
I got really frustrated at this and told the girl,
-“Can you please follow the queue?”
-“Oh you see I have very few items. It won’t take so long.”, she replied.
-“See, People are waiting patiently in the queue for so long for their turn so you too do the same. And even I have 4 items in my hand if you can see but still following the queue. So please.”, I said angrily.
The girl started making faces hearing from me.
This time the aged lady standing just prior to me in the queue started yelling at the girl. I calmed her down and told the counter person himself to maintain the queue as it was his duty not to break the rule.

This total incident made me think why the girls or women have to take privileges of being a women. Being a woman should be sufficient enough to empower our rights where it should be. Claiming rights everywhere is not empowerment. It’s taking privileges unnecessarily. Whereas, claiming right for self in the right place and for others too would be the real change, the real empowerment.

104_2I have seen many ladies in metros or buses yelling at men who might have sat on the reserved seats for ladies. Even if they do not need the seat they have claimed it just because it was written Ladies in bold. May be I too have done the same at some point of time. But that’s so wrong. I have also seen the same women not leaving the seat for any needy aged men or even to women. So is this what we call as empowerment? Have we really misunderstood our real rights? Or where should we claim our rights?
The real women empowerment does not mean to claim the rights for self. It’s also about giving the rights to the needy whether be it men or women. In the male dominating society, we should shine like bright starts as examples for real women empowerment.

The most famous saying by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is “To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves”.

Yes I totally agree with this. Women needs to be awakened. They should properly be educated and morally developed to understand what being awakened means. We should fight for our justice, our rights, at the same time understand the small difference between claiming rights and taking privileges. Hence breaking the queue or violating the rules is not at all the right way. There are probably 80% of women in India who are not aware of their rights and 20% are. But sadly, many of these 20% take advantages of their rights. Not only metros and buses but this has spread in various other places as well. Education is no spare. The quota or reservation for girls in educational system is a way by which a girl can excel academically. But it is also seen this reservation becoming a tool in the hands of some corrupted politicians. Basically, the real issue should be focused on educating all despite of gender. This can bring the real change. But on the other side, in a country like India, where many of the girls get married off at early ages and only few get the chance of pursuing education and achieve their goals, there this reservation factor may play a helpful role. But that too lies in our mentality that we only focus on educating boys and pay less attention to the girls. That is why the basic education and awareness is required among all.

104_1While concluding, I would love to say that I am proud of being a woman. I am thankful to God for the blessing for making me a woman. I am proud of the fact that I know my rights and will always fight for it. But at the same time, I would not tolerate any injustice in the name of women rights and would always help others to get their part of justice as well. And I am also blessed and grateful to God that I am born in such a family where I never faced gender discrimination nor heard of it.
Wish the world to be better place for women, men.. for Human..for life.

[PS: I have seen many great examples of truly wonderful women who not only define the real empowerment but also great examples of true Human beings. Including my late grandmother, my mother and my elder sister. I am so proud of them and keep learning a lot from them.]

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My Name is Soumosree Ganguly. I am a software professional and an Indian classical Dancer. Writing is one of my passions. I love writing on social issues and opinions on general things. Reading is the inspiration for me to write.For me life is all about exploring new things and finding your uniqueness into everything you do.